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We all have those celebrity couples that we look up to because of how beautiful their relationship looks, and we wish to one day be as connected as they seem to be with a significant other. In other words, we all have a celebrity couple that is consider “Relationship Goals”. In only 2016 we have witnessed many breakups that have felt a little too real because we all thought they were going to make it in the long run. Here are five of the most heartbreaking breakups so far:

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Brangelina was together for nearly 12 years and married for two years. This is the most recent and shocking break up because they were one of Hollywood’s strongest “Power Couple”. 

Jesse & Jeana

Although they were not a Hollywood couple, they are huge YouTube stars and have two of the most popular channels on YouTube: PrankvsPrank and BFvsGF. They were together for 10 years.

Demi Lovato & Wilmer Valderrama

Social media’s cutest couple for six years when they called it quits. However, they decided it would be best for both to remain as friends.

Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney

Both seemed to challenge each other’s work and support one another in their projects. They appeared to be two odd peas in one pod. Their relationship lasted for five years. 

Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris

Obviously, Taylor being such a huge pop star this relationship was looked at with hawk eyes. Maybe that’s why none of her relationships work out? #LeaveTaylorsLoveLifeAlone ?  The ex-couple was together for one year. 

With all these breakups can love still be in the air, or is 2016 not the year for love? Hopefully, this heartbreaking streak is over, and may the odds be ever in the favor of love. 

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