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5 Chicago Haunted Houses to Visit

It is exactly Mid October, which means you only have a short amount of time to finalize this year’s Halloween festivities! Since you’re on your college campus, you can’t go to your usual Halloween spots. What better way to celebrate than to scope out your new city’s best haunted houses?

Good news is, Chicago is a really big city with plenty of haunted houses to choose from. Bad news is, there is not much time for you to visit them all. I’ll narrow it down for you

Here are my top 5 Chicago haunted houses to visit:

1. Statesville Haunted Prison

This is an all time favorite haunted house. If prisons and haunted houses were not scary enough separately, this company decided to put all of your worst fears together. 

2. 13th Floor Haunted House

The space for this haunted house is so huge and this year that they split it into two different attractions. The first one is full of vampires, and the other is swamped with post-apocalyptic fun. 

3. House of Torment

This haunted house theme is a haunting of your real life. There are haunted cheerleaders, jocks and other everyday people you encounter. Guaranteed it will make you feel like you’re in a new season of American Horror Story. 

4. Dungeon of Doom

They’re known for their attraction called “Buried Dead or Alive.” It simulates the sensation of being in a grave. If you have bad anxiety or are claustrophobic, this is DEFINITELY not for you.

5. Six Flags Fright Fest

This is basically your one last chance to experience six flags until next summer, and you also get some fun frights out of it. It’s kid friendly so if you’re the scaredy-cat of the friend group, I suggest you convince your girl squad to come here. 

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