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Your Ultimate Sunday Fun-day in Orlando

Orlando is known for many things, from its world-renown theme parks to its hot climate- but the city is filled with so many fun things to do. Since I’m an Orlando native, I’m going to give you some different activities in Orlando that don’t have to do with theme parks. 

For the People-Watchers

Downtown Orlando is a great place to walk around the park, go to a nice dinner, and see all the fun entertainent acts on the side of the street. Lake Eola is my all-time favorite park because I love to walk around and just sightsee. The Park is known for its walking white swans, performing artists, and people watching. Every time I go there I love to take the Swan paddle boats out on the gorgeous lake. So if you want to get a chance to see the landscape of the city, the paddle boat ride is only $15 for 30 minutes and is a beautiful setting for friends or couples. Exploring Downtown Orlando and Lake Eola Park is a great way to spend your Sunday!

For the Shopaholics 

Next up, I want to give a place for all my shopaholics- Disney Springs. Disney Springs has everything you could ever need from exquisite shopping to delicious restaurants. Some of my favorite places to shop there are American Threads, Free people, Zara, and more. If you’re looking for some cute clothes that scream springtime, these stores are the ones for you. For my foodies, my top 3 favorite restaurants to go to in Disney Springs are Wolf Gang Puck, The Boathouse, and Blaze Pizza.

Wolf Gang Puck is a personal favorite of mine because it has an amazing Margherita pizza and mouth-watering truffle potato chips. The Boathouse is definitely the spot for my seafood lovers. It’s is located on a beautiful lake looking off into the distance. The food is just as amazing as the setting- I reccomend the lobster bisque and coconut fried shrimp. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on food, try Blaze Pizza. Blaze Pizza has pretty much any pizza you could ever want, and they typically run under $10.

For the Explorers

Lastly, an underrated place I would definitely suggest going to is International Drive. If you want to sharpen your golfing skills and have a good time, Top Golf is a great place to go. Top Golf is set in a huge golfing stadium where you can compete with other people in your group and gain points. You can also take a break and have something to eat or have a drink there. The Orlando Eye is also a fun place to hang out. You can ride the Eye, eat at a fun restaurant like the Sugar Factory, or see the wax figures at the Madame Tussauds museum. 

The possibilities to find a fun time in Orlando are endless, so I hope you guys go out and try out one of these fun activities!

Madison Bailey is freshman at Rollins College from Windermere, Florida. She is a communications major. She loves fashion, writing and traveling. In her free time she loves to watch Netflix, fashion shows, or read a good book.
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