Your Last-Minute Halloween Look Book

Spooky Season is here, witches! I know Halloween might look a little different this year, but I’m sure some of you still have some spooky plans because you just can’t cancel Halloween….I feel like all year I come up with a million ideas of what I want to be for Halloween and then October rolls around and I have absolutely no idea what to dress up as. Halloween is days away and I’m sure some of you still have no idea what you’re going to be this year either.


Lucky for you, I've made the ultimate cheat sheet of the easiest, Insta-baddie DIY Halloween costumes. 



Bring fashion back from the dead with this haunted hit. Mummy is a super cute costume that only requires one thing: white gauze. You can find the gauze at your local drugstore. Throw on some Nike pros or a tight skirt with a bandeau and start wrapping and draping the gauze. There are so many ways to wrap the gauze, you can customize the outfit however you chose! For an added effect, grab some fake blood and a black makeup palate from party city, and this costume still won’t break the bank!


SWAT is definitely a sexy costume that is very simple to put together. For SWAT all you really need is an all-black outfit that I’m sure you can find in your closet! After you’ve got your outfit you can add the accessories you will need from Party City: Cop hat and handcuffs. (Add some fishnet tights if you want an extra touch!)



If you’re looking for a killer costume this is your best bet… Purge costumes are nothing more than a white button down covered in fake blood. Whatever you wear underneath is up to you. You can get the white button down and the fake blood at your neighborhood Walmart. To top it off all you need to get is the mask from Party City- which also makes your costume COVID friendly!


Big Twilight or Vampire Diaries fan? I love a vampire costume because you can make it as simple or as extra as you want!

For this outfit playing it simple would be finding an all-black outfit from your closet and adding some fangs and fake blood (Party City again). To make it spookier, you can find cheap colored contacts to really fool your friends! It really makes your costume stand out from the rest. 

I hope this spooky look book was helpful and that you have a Spooktacular Halloween, witches!