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Why Every College Student Should Go to a Music Festival

Before I went to my first music festival, I had been hearing the hype about all the different types of festivals there are these days. From Snow Globe to Lost Lands, to Sunset and Coachella, it seemed as if more and more festivals were popping up each year. After seeing many of my friends attend festivals regularly, I knew I had to experience one for myself. When a friend of mine invited me to Electric Forest, I spontaneously bought my wristband and plane ticket, and two weeks later found myself in the woods of Rothbury, Michigan.

Upon arriving, I found myself speechless as I looked at the infinite rows of tents sitting underneath the setting sun. I marveled at the beautiful scene, having  no idea what I had gotten myself into- all I knew was that I was excited to find out. I had heard the good and the bad about music festivals and was ready to experience it all for myself. After spending five nights camping with no power, plumbing, or Wi-Fi, I feel as though it is safe to say that every college student should attend at least one music festival in their life, and here’s why:  

Disconnect with Tech, Reconnect with Yourself

Taking a few days away and completely disconnecting yourself from the outside world is therapeutic and refreshing. Without Wi-Fi or cell service, I spend minimal time on my phone during the festival, allowing myself to enjoy it to the fullest. As a generation that is so dependent on technology it is imperative that we know how to take a step back and connect with one another without the use of our phones. The perfect way to do this is to immerse yourself  in the free, welcoming, and tech-free environment of a festival.

The Power of The Elements

Every college student needs to experience at least a couple days without luxuries such as power and plumbing. No time was wasted trying to use technology or wondering what I looked like. Instead, the entirety of the festival was spent as it should have been- connecting with others and enjoying the spectacular visual and auditory art. Challenging yourself to live without these  everyday necessities adds an incredible personal growth factor to the experience.

Good Vibes All Around

At Electric Forest, there was a place called the giving tree. At the tree, people would leave random gifts and choose an item to take. It was a very powerful sight seeing such a strong community of people who were complete strangers outside the festival treating each other like family. These gifts would vary from small things like candy, to handmade necklaces and bracelets. I thought that this was a beautiful practice, and it reminded me of a scene in Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises. In the story, a man gives the main an envelope of homemade fish flies, telling him that, “I only thought if you fished them some time it might remind you of what a good time we had.”

While I was at Electric Forest, the giving tree gave me a crystal that still sits next to my bed, and every night when I look at it, I remember what an amazing time I had. Despite the hate that music festivals and EDM might receive, I have nothing but good things to say about my time at Electric Forest. Spending quality time with good friends, surrounded by nature while listening to artists perform is an opportunity that I hope everyone has the chance to experience.


Hi I'm Audrey! I'm from Indianapolis and I am a First-Year student at the lovely DePauw University. I'm a psychology major with a passion for working with kids. Along with writing, I enjoy yoga, reading, coffee, messy buns and cozy socks. 
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