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Why Bachelor Matt Will End Up With Bri

This season of the Bachelor has been a world win of drama and emotions. From Matt sending 3 girls home in one episode, to the excessive tears streaming from the girls’ eyes, this season is one of the most drama-filled and historical ones yet. So as the season comes to a close, the big question is: who will Matt end up with? Here’s my prediction on who I think (and hope) Matt will end up with! 

Ever since Bri stepped out of the car and interacted with Matt, the connection was too strong to ignore. Bri has always been my number one choice since day one. If you don’t know Bri, here’s a little backstory of her life: she’s from San Francisco and was raised by her mom and her grandmother. She’s a communication manager at a high-profile social media company at the age of just 24. She likes to go outdoors and either hike, hang by a park, or nearby a beach. 

We first really saw Matt and Bri connect on a deeper level when they got their first one-on-one date- and it was definitely one to remember. Matt took Bri out on an exciting ride on an ATV. When the ATV tipped over in a pile of mud, the couple laughed covered in dirt and mud, which made their date even more fun. They then went to the jacuzzi to cool down, and Matt made a toast for getting through this near-death experience together- Bri said she was glad it happened since it brought them closer together (cue makeout scene). 

They ended the date with an intimate candle-lit dinner, and this was when they got really personal with each other. Bri opened up to Matt and told him that her mother was pregnant with her when she was 13 years old, and that her dad was not really around. The two definitely grew a connection after this conversation because they could both relate to not having a dad around when they were growing up. They also discussed looking forward to growing their relationship together. At the end of the date, thankfully he gave the rose to Bri.

After going through the brief history of Bri and her relationship with Matt, it’s clear that I believe Matt will pick her. They both have a great love for family and the outdoors, and you can see that they can’t wait to develop their relationship into something even more special! 

Madison Bailey is freshman at Rollins College from Windermere, Florida. She is a communications major. She loves fashion, writing and traveling. In her free time she loves to watch Netflix, fashion shows, or read a good book.
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