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Why Amazon Fashion is Gen Z’s Best Trend Yet

TikTok is for more than just silly videos and Addison Rae- it gives such helpful content ranging from life hacks to the latest fashion trends. The social media platform has shown us the Amazon Fashion World and how versatile the styles and options are. Online shopping has ultimately changed the fashion culture within our new generation completely. We now have thousands of styles right at our fingertips, and just a click away.

Personally, I am not a fan of online shopping mainly because I don't trust the material, sizing, etc. However, I feel so much more comfortable purchasing my favorite styles from Amazon, thanks to TikTok's help. Many users share what trendy clothes they found on Amazon and include their own Amazon store in their bio, a page that specifically shows the pieces of clothing they recommend or have purchased in their Tik Tok videos. 

Searching the hashtag #AmazonFashionFinds generates a whole page full of viewers who found their favorite brands of athletic wear, jewelry, handbags, and more on Amazon! TikTok has helped relieve the stress of wondering what your clothes are truly going to look like when you open that delivery box. These videos also inspire you to go out of your comfort zone, try another aesthetic for yourself, and dive into your passion for fashion!  

Bellie Gonzalez is a junior at Rollins College, majoring in Communication Studies with a concentration in public relations and minoring in Creative Writing. No, her real name isn’t Bellie, it’s Isabella, but she prefers to stick with her unique nickname that resonates with her one of a kind personality. In her free time, you can find Bellie doing the things she loves to do most: dancing, writing, and being a girl boss.
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