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Easy Ways College Students Can Fight the Climate Crisis

When we’re busy going through our everyday life, we often forget about our surroundings. I get it- we see the same trees and lake every day. There are days when I don’t fully take in how beautiful nature is or think about how one catastrophic weather event could change it forever. When we look at the number of wildfires that have occurred, we can really see how climate change has affected our ecosystem. Unfortunately, the only time our society takes this crisis seriously is when something as severe as a weather disaster occurs and takes lives. If we want to continue to have the ability to appreciate all that nature has to offer, we can’t wait for the next tragedy to happen to get started. Taking action in any way we can to fight the climate crisis will impact our planet for generations to come.  

Now the question is, what actions can our generation do to combat climate change?

The first step is to get familiarized with climate change and sustainable websites like the Sustainable Development Goal Campaign (sdgactioncampaign.org) and the U.S. Global Change Research Program (globalchange.gov). If you don’t know where to start, this is the perfect website that provides resources about the climate crisis and initiatives you can take to help in your area. From signing petitions to volunteering for a beach cleanup with friends, there is so much to navigate on the SDG website. The US. Global Research Program is another great resource to connect with others on this topic. They provide webinars where people gather to discuss issues ranging from the current status of the planet to reducing climate risks through emissions mitigation. There are various links on the website that are useful for those looking to educate themselves more.

Start Local

It’s important to get to know your area and which companies have a sustainable objective. As an Orlando local, I’ve become familiarized with companies that encourage sustainability in my area. IDEAS for US is a non-profit based in Orlando that supports advancing environmental action worldwide. They offer internships and volunteer events for students who are interested in eco-action. This semester, I’m interning for the United Nations Orlando-based chapter, and it’s another way for students to get involved. Like the U.S. Global Research Program website, the UN-Orlando provides webinars open to interns to discuss ways to help with sustainable missions locally, nationally, and globally.

Shop Smart

Shopping sustainably, whether, through beauty or fashion, is another easy way to make a change. As a college student, affordability is key when buying sustainable products, and over the last few years, I’ve been able to find some great websites for this. For beauty products, I like buying from the skin line “All-Natural Collection,” which has high quality and sustainably sourced products that work great for my skin and budget. As for clothing, a women-owned, bohemian online shop I found last year is “Made Trade.” Their website offers ethically sourced clothing, accessories, and shoes that are a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

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