Wait.. Fall In Florida? What Do I Wear?

You're walking to class and start to realize a thin tee-shirt and jean skirt is a little too skimpy for the weather. Suddenly, you're in the library and find yourself craving a hot latte instead of iced. Things are cooling down in Orlando starting around October, and the last thing you want is to find yourself (and your closet) unprepared. 

Fuzzy Footwear 

Biggest life hack of college is keeping your toes cozy during class and long cram sessions in the library. Flip flops are great for the first couple months of school, but it's best to invest in some fur or velvet-lined sandals for those cooler Orlando months. 

Embroidered Booties 

Stand out in the crowd of fellow pumpkin spice loving autumn enthusiasts and snag a pair of uniquely decorated booties to sport to class. Fashion is all about expressing your personality, and patterned boots are the perfect way to add flair to the sometimes bland brown and tan color schemes of fall outfits.

Play around with overalls 

Whether you own a classic fitted pair of blue jean overalls or want to venture out to some funky flaired pair, overalls are a casual couture move for class, happy hour, studying or date night!

Colored Pea-Coats

Step out of the traditional and pick a fun hue that reflects your personal style. These vintage, feminine, pastel coats are a great piece to help you stay cozy and cute at the same time.