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The Unexpected Inspiration in Bridgit Mendler’s Music

Bridgit Mendler is an actress, singer, and songwriter best known for her roles on Disney Channel in the 2010s. Most notably, she starred in the show Good Luck Charlie for 4 years, Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas!, and the movie Lemonade Mouth in 2011. Her debut album Hello My Name is… was released in 2012. I remember downloading it on my ipod nano the day it came out, and it’s a staple in my life to this day. Though she’s recently been working on her Harvard Law degree and PhD from the MIT media lab, I selfishly wish she’d release another full- length album. That being said, the focus she’s put on her education is one of the things that sets her apart. 

While the album is pop, it’s not a total carbon copy of the style you’d expect from a Disney channel actress. It has an upbeat but relatively mature sound and deals with a range of personal and relationship issues. She was involved with the production, which is also uncommon for Disney stars. The Fall Song is one of my personal favorites. The beat is mellow but intriguing, as is the melody.

The power of Bridgit’s voice is showcased in the chorus and the lyrics are relatable while not being too ordinary. 5:15 is another favorite that shows off Bridgit’s storytelling and takes the listener through a breakup in a creative, heartfelt, and empowering way. Hello My Name is… showed the potential for Bridgit to break out of her roots and be a successful artist. Though I’d argue that the way she released this banger album and pretty much moved on with her life is part of what makes her so special. 

In comparison to a lot of ex-Disney channel stars that the media loves to discuss, Bridgit took an unfamiliar path. It also seems that she wasn’t making music purely for commercial success. Given her 2016 EP Nemesis and the other acting and educational endeavors she’s taken on over the years, it’s clear that Bridgit makes music simply because she enjoys it. Her sincerity and well-roundedness in everything she does is the cherry on top of her genuine talent. Due to her successful acting career, music career, recent marriage, and impressive college degrees, she has recently come back into the spotlight for being able to do it all and not being boxed in by common expectations. 

Natasha Luce

Rollins '23

Natasha Luce is a double major in Environmental Studies and Music major at Rollins College. She has always enjoyed reading and writing as a creative outlet.
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