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The 3 Best Houseplants for College Students

Houseplants are a great way to brighten anybody’s room! Studies also show they can help eliminate air pollutants and boost creativity. It’s not always easy to remember a strict watering schedule for a plant with the busy life of being a student, but here are some quick and easy plants that are perfect for college life!

Snake plants or Dracaena trifasciata, are hardy plants. They thrive on neglect. The more you leave them alone, the better. They’re an extremely easy plant to care for without needing to worry about watering or switching spots in the sunlight. Snake plants want warm weather and lots of indirect sunlight so they’ll need to stay near your windowsill.  They only need to be watered about every 3-4 weeks or when the soil is dry; meaning they’re only an once-a-month thought rather than every day. The only worry is to make sure not to overwater because they’re prone to root rot. 

Aloe plants are a staple for plant enthusiasts. They’re perfect for helping out with sunburns and small cuts. Aloe plants are similar to Snake plants- they need lots of indirect sunlight, but are in the succulent family. This means they need drier conditions than a Snake plant. Aloe plants need to be watered deeply: every two weeks in the spring and summer, and about once a month in the fall and winter. Just like Snake plants, Aloe Vera is prone to root rot so make sure not to overwater them.

Devil’s Ivy or Pothos is a quick-growing, relatively easy-to-care-for plant as it grows abundantly under almost every circumstance. It thrives in almost any environment, so whether you keep your blinds shut or open, the Devil’s Ivy will be happy. Plus, it grows quickly and fully, making it a great addition to fill up small spaces. Devil’s Ivy isn’t prone to disease or pests, so you don’t need to worry about attracting anything into your dorm room. 

All these plants are perfect for bringing a little life to your dorm, while still being less work than any of your classes. They’re the perfect little buddy to keep you grounded as the stress of the semester takes its toll.  

Belle Daoust

Rollins '25

Isabelle (Belle) Daoust is looking to double major in Theatre and Psychology and is part of the Honors College at Rollins. She enjoys reading, listening to music, and as a third culture kid, she, of course, loves to travel.
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