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Study Spots Around Winter Park

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rollins chapter.

Are you looking for somewhere to study off campus? Winter Park offers endless spots to take your books when you need to escape the chaos of campus life. Sometimes, the white noise of a busy coffee shop or a nook in a peaceful library will motivate you more whenever you’re distracted by your peers. Here are a few places in the area that are perfect destinations to open a book, solve an equation, or write a speedy essay. 

The Winter Park Library

Do you enjoy a quiet environment but don’t want to study at the Olin Library? The Winter Park Library is a great solution. Only a three-minute drive from campus, it’s located on Morse Blvd and across from Trader Joe’s. The building’s architecture is hard to miss and beckons visitors inside to explore its endless collection of books. Plenty of individual seating is available on both floors, allowing anyone to spend hours working in peace amongst the shelves.

Lineage Coffee 

If you are someone who wants to show off a cute outfit, Lineage Coffee is the perfect place for any coffee or matcha drinker to study. Lineage sits on a corner along Colonial Drive and is the perfect place to pretend you are somewhere different. It is a fifteen-minute drive from campus and open seven days a week from seven a.m. to seven p.m., making it the perfect spot to go before or after class. Everyone is either working, engaged in a friendly conversation, or vibing to Fiona Apple. 

The Alfond Inn

The Alfond Inn is a surprisingly good space to study if you don’t want to get in the car. A five-minute walk from campus, the Alfond’s interior is aesthetically pleasing to anyone who enjoys contemporary art or a spontaneous game of chess. It’s easy to lose track of time on Sunday afternoon while guests wander around the expansive halls. There is always space at the bar lounge to spread out and order a pot of tea or a Diet Coke on the rocks. 

Bonsai Tea 

School readings over a relaxing afternoon tea are always a good way to ease out of a busy day. Bonsai Tea is the perfect place for students to grab a boba tea to go or enjoy an endless pot of tea on a rainy day. The teas’ ingredients are all organic, with no artificial sweeteners, and freshly brewed and crafted for customer satisfaction. The shop owners invite anyone with a school bag to stay a little longer at the big table inside or one of the smaller tables outside. 

Sadie Webster

Rollins '25

Sadie Webster is a writer at the Her Campus Rollins College chapter. She covers culture, wellness, and life verticals on the site. Beyond Her Campus, Sadie is interested in the intersection between art, feminism, and literature. She studied abroad in Paris in the spring 2023, and spent time curating an exhibition on gender identity in photography. Sadie is currently a junior at Rollins College, majoring in art history and minoring in sexuality, women, and gender studies. In her free time, Sadie enjoys listening to music, reading, thrifting, and cute coffee shops. She loves waking up early, and is a secret Jersey Shore fan.