Rollins Myths and Legends You Won't Believe

Some rumors and tell-tale party sagas that have been passed down by Alumni are more truthful than others, and some have had their memories fogged by the glory of college nostalgia. But there are some parts of Rollins history that cannot be erased, and will remain some of the most unique traits about our culture at our school for generations to come. Aside from party life, there's some cool facts about our foundation to know, too.

The First Student Was Female 

When Rollins opened its doors back in 1885, the last person you'd expect to be respected enough to receive an equal education. Rollins was viewed all through the 1900s as the place to send your preppy daughter to find a rich husband. It's inspiring and comforting to find out that the first paying full-time liberal arts student was actually a young woman.

Manor Mondays

Ask most students who walked the hallowed, sunny walkways of Rollins three years ago or longer, and they'll probably bring up the wild, no-rules mayhem of Manor Mondays. Apparently, every Monday, swarms of kids looking to party till dawn descended upon the grounds of one wealthy and privileged lakeside mansion owner. Hey, not a bad way to get the week started, right?

Porch was 18 and Up

It's hard to imagine completing a fun, safe night out without the anxiety of getting into Porch. But four years ago, it was an eighteen Plus bar that opened its doors like floodgates, welcoming the underage with open arms. Not much has changed from then to now, of course, but the stakes sure are higher when you're worried about making it past a bouncer.