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My Thoughts on The Bachelor Season Finale (I have not seen The Bachelor)

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rollins chapter.

Bachelor Nation, I’m sorry for what I’m about to say… I am not a fan of The Bachelor.

I think I’ve seen maybe three episodes from the series ever: two episodes of JoJo’s season of the Bachelorette and one episode of Bachelor in Paradise. So clearly, I’m no expert, but still I would like to share my thoughts on the recent season finale, as I feel I know a good bit about it from social media.

As you probably know, this season’s Bachelor was Joey Graziadei, who first made his appearance in season 20 of the Bachelorette. Obviously there he stole the hearts of women across the nation (just not the Bachelorette’s), leading producers to DM him on Instagram inviting him to lead season 28.

Normally, I know nothing about the Bachelor/ette season. I know a few names, like Nick Viall and Hannah Brown and Pilot Pete, but usually nothing more than that. For some reason, this season was plastered on my TikTok feed. Shoutout to their marketing team, because they have me invested.

From my understanding, Joey is a very emotionally intelligent guy. I’ve seen countless TikToks mocking him wipe the tears of the contestants. In a TikTok collab with Betches, he did a sketch, “If Joey from The Bachelor was your coworker,” where he seems to make fun of himself for his therapist-like behaviors.

Also big on TikTok, or at least my FYP, was Bachelor-contestant Daisy Kent. She boasts almost half a million followers. I love that Daisy was a part of this season, and I love the representation she provided for the deaf community! She even authored a children’s book about a young deaf girl.

Daisy was my pick for the winner, I honestly didn’t even know who Kelsey was, so I kinda assumed Daisy would win from how much audiences seemed to love her. No offense to Kelsey, who obviously is a beautiful woman, and I’m sure she’s wonderful too, if Joey picked her. I just didn’t see that coming, though it’s not like I saw much of anything as I didn’t actually watch the show.

Another thing I didn’t see coming: Jenn as the new Bachelorette. I do not know who Jenn is. A lot of people on social media seemed to think it would be Maria, so I also thought it would be Maria. I am very easily influenced. Jenn will make a great Bachelorette though! I just will not know as I will not watch. Let me know if anything interesting happens :)

Leading up to the finale, it was announced that something that had never happened before would happen. I definitely did not think that something would be Daisy and Kelsey sitting in the same car. I understand that that is somehow significant though. I saw some clips of TikTok and I thought it was very noble of Daisy, who was pretty sure in that moment she was not going to receive a ring from Joey. I teared up a little and I have no connection to these people, which is another credit to the production team!

While I am not a dedicated Bachelor viewer, I am a fan of drama, so I enjoyed the bits and pieces of the plot I did pick up from TikTok. Whether you were Team Daisy or Team Kelsey, I hope you enjoyed the finale. I know I didn’t (because I didn’t watch it).

Samantha Cavallo is in her third year as a writer for Her Campus. She enjoys writing about anything and everything, though her pieces often focus on celebrities and pop culture or mental health and wellbeing. Sam is currently a junior at Rollins College in Winter Park, FL, majoring in Psychology with a minor in Sociology, and she is from Langhorne, Pennsylvania. After earning her Bachelor's degree, she plans to pursue a PhD in School Psychology. Beyond Her Campus, she is involved in many organizations on campus that focus on supporting the campus community, such as the Wellness Ambassadors, where she works in Health Promotions to promote the Nine Dimensions of Wellness, and the Student Support Foundation, operating the campus food pantry and providing emergency grants to students, faculty, and staff in need. In her free time, Sam enjoys reading, going to Barre class, finding new things to do in and around the Orlando area, especially if there is rumored to be good food, and Facetiming her dog Dexter. She is a major fan of both Taylor Swift and Phoebe Bridgers (she even got it tattooed to prove it) and loves going to concerts, and of course dressing up for them.