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How Tik Tok Became a Dating App

Gen Z has moved romance to the digital world, using apps that would never be considered “dating” apps. TikTok is no exception to the sexual digital age, and its users have turned the app into a dating platform. Don’t believe me? Look at all of the influencers getting together, the trend over quarantine where users would make matchmaking Google forms, or even the fact that users only really follow people they’re attracted to.


These influencers include anyone with a blue checkmark, like comedians, dancers, and TikTok intellectuals who can teach you how to make a proper video transition. Since the boom of TikTok, groups of influencers have created groups like the Hype House, living together, creating videos and buddying up. One relationship that resulted from this is Charli D’Amelio and Chase Hudson’s short, fiery fling. Though it didn’t work out in the end, it wouldn’t have happened without the creation of TikTok to bring them together.  


Over quarantine, everyone was bored and searching for something to do, so teens turned to romance. The FYP was soon flooded with users creating their own matchmaking Google forms for people to fill out and find their potential partner. These videos had as many as hundreds of thousands of likes, and assuming every person who liked the video also filled it out, that’s a lot of matches!


Finally, look at the fact that the most followed influencers on TikTok are conventionally beautiful. A lot of people have acknowledged the pretty privilege that exists on TikTok, but it goes deeper than that. These people are following attractive users because they believe they have a chance with them, and they’re right. Most people on TikTok are in the same age range (with a few outliers) which makes it an easy tool for our generation to find potential matches. They’re not quite as famous as real celebrities, so that leaves a window of opportunity if someone wanted to make a move!

Kismet Kohn is an 18 year old psychology major at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. She is passionate about photography, writing, and travel. Kismet was on her high school's yearbook staff as a photographer and worked as the editor of the Literary Magazine.
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