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How to Properly Ghost Your Ex at Rollins


Ghosting ex-boyfriends, girlfriends, or awkward hook-ups at a small school like Rollins is its own Olympic sport. Not going to lie, ghosting your ex (covering the categories of ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, ex-boy/girl toy, awkward encounter, etc) specifically on Rollins tiny campus, everyone is connected in some way—this is where strategy comes in. Here are five ways you can try to break the vicious, awkward AF cycle of running into your ex on campus.

1.) Notice Patterns

You probably have your go-to route to get to class every day, but if you notice your and your ex’s schedules are synched during certain points of the week, your commute may need some tweaking. Luckily, there are plenty of back paths and alernate ways you can get around our campus if you’re avoiding someone. If your ex has a class in Bush and you’re walking to Sutton, go on the other side of the chapel and just take the long way. If you take note of the little things your ex does, you can avoid a lot of awkward run-ins.

2.)  You Can’t Run, But You CAN Hide

You’re in a messy bun and sweats grabbing a jumbo gatorade at the c-store after a night out and you see his friends in the campus center- you know what’s coming.. You’re emotional wounds are fresh and yet you’re dying in the library, when you see him in line for coffee- you don’t know what to do. You never want to give your ex power over you, but sometimes you need a quick exit and have no choice. One time, I hid behind a bush so I didn’t have to run into an past porch makeout. It happens. I even know people who have stopped in their tracks and turned the other way when they saw their ex. This is a great way to quite literally hide  from your problems if you can avoid being obvious about it. Yeah, you may feel a hint of shame, but it’s better than dealing with them.

3.) If You Have Class with Them

Whether you’re the one who ended things or your relationship went up in flames, having class with your ex hook-up, boyfriend or girlfriend is the most painful form of torture. Give yourself permission to be a jerk. Don’t make eye contact. Sit far away. 2019 is the year of the savage, after all. On the other hand, if you’re on “okay” terms with them, you might feel tempted to get caught up in the leftover sexual tension. It’s not unusual for group projects and homework questions between ex’s to develop into something more, so keep your guard up if you’re not ready to bring that person back into your life. You may be surprised to see how easily feelings bubble up for a familiar face.

4.) The Porch Problem

Yeah, you’re going to run into them at Porch- it’s a part of life. Never let them get in the way of your social life or prevent you from going out. It may be weird catching them with another girl or getting stuck next to them at the bar, but they have no power over you. If you want to go to Porch, then dammit, go to Porch. It’s usually so packed anyway that you can claim your area of the bar and do your own thing. Plus, when they see you having fun and looking happy with your friends and NOT them, you’re winning.

5.) Don’t Make It Weird

If you have a reason to ghost, by all means, ghost their a**. But if you don’t actually need to ghost them, then don’t. Did they cheat on you? Did they break you beyond repair? Assess the situation and if the breakup wasn’t dramatic, don’t make the aftermath dramatic. I’m not telling you to  be their best friend or hang out with them again,, but be an adult. If they wave, wave back, keep things cordial, and move on. Give yourself less to worry about by remembering that sometimes, things really don’t have to be as bad as they seem.


Vic Alvarez

Rollins '19

Editor / Writer Graduating in May and plan on pursuing publishing and writing in NYC.
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