How I Got Free Weed on Tinder

Over spring break, I was visiting my girlfriends at their college up north and had to take a two day cannabis tolerance break during our road trips and airport changes. It was the concluding weekend of a spring break for the books, and no pot dealers were back in town yet- but we had a bong, an empty apartment, and nothing to light up with.

It seems corny, but tinder was my first thought in this predicament. It would be genius to just update my photos a little but and change my bio to something intriguing:

“In ____ (insert visiting town), looking to get lit and need bud, hit me up- i have cash:)

Wow. bold. Now what was the next step? Swipe right.

I took swiping to a whole new level, running out of swipes and hopelessly waiting for a weed prince charming to come to my rescue. Alas, some semi-cute boy who went to a different college near by hit me up. So, I flirted it up and got him to get me some weed. There’s a catch- I have to smoke with him. My friends are both losers and left me to meet him on my own.

This kid seemed cool and not like he would take me away and kill me, so naturally I decided to go ahead and meet up with him.

I made the trek as a lone wolf, and actually ended up having a pretty dope ride with someone who gave me a nice amount of good quality pot. He must have known what I was there for just as much as I did, because we didn’t even kiss. Success! He didn’t kill me, but I do not recommend this method on the regular- you have to be very careful and able to hold your own JUST in case something bad goes down, so Tinder smoke sessions aren’t for everyone.. but I was fine, and I got high.