How I Found the Upside to School at Home

I am pretty sure we can all agree this last semester has been different from any other semester we’ve ever experienced. To be safe, we’ve had to sacrifice the fun aspects of college. This semester, all our friends have been spread out, and it’s just the reality we’ve had to come to terms with. My first 2 years of college, I lived on campus and it felt good being in the atmosphere and the extra support of being face-to-face.

When you’re on campus, you’re always running into your classmates, which is the part I miss the most. Now pretty much for every class, I just wear athleisure and don’t actually get “ready” for class. This is how the transition to online classes felt at the beginning of the semester - but then things took a turn for the better. 

After realizing what was making me feel nostalgic about being virtual, I found ways to make up for what I was missing at college. First, I started with doing my hair and getting dressed up more for class, which  made me feel more motivated to participate in class. Being virtual, there is also the big advantage of being able to sleep in until 10 minutes before class because all you need is your laptop to sign in and you don’t have to walk. Also, I realized I found a friend to text in every class and this made me feel SO much better knowing I would have someone to go to if I ever had a question.

Overall, I think the biggest benefit is being able to have my mom’s homemade cooking every night instead of college food, which is a major PLUS! All in all, not to sound cliché, but after this semester I feel I can fully attest to the saying  that if you start to look on the bright side of a situation, things will definitely start getting better for you.