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It’s almost spring break…but it also feels like we just got back from winter break. The burnout is so real and we’re all just trying to make it through midterms. Going to the same classes, waking up at the same time, drinking the same energy drinks, and somethings even wearing the same things (outfit repeating is becoming way too tempting). It’s time to refresh and reset the daily routine so we can push through.

Find A New Study Spot

This semester I discovered a brand new secret study spot (BTW Rollins students, I’m not going to reveal the location, nice try). It has been so refreshing not going to the same spot I went to everyday last semester. The change has made me much more productive. Going off of this, make sure you have two main study spots: one for you and your friends and one for yourself. The place I study with my friends and the place I like to study by myself are in two different locations because, again, it’s a change and gives me variety. Plus, when I go to my solo spot my brain automatically goes into serious work mode, and when I go to the spot with my friends, I’m in chill work mode.

To Do Lists

It’s so easy. I just keep the notes tab open on my computer all the time and add things I need to do, and I add EVERYTHING. I put big assignments but also little things like making my bed. Checking things off everytime I do them is so rewarding. My motivation is determined by the size of that list and my daily goal is to make it smaller and smaller. I’m a big visualization girl.

Stay Clean

I know some people are going to hate this one. I honestly get so much more done knowing my room is clean. The saying that “your room is a reflection of your mental space” is so true. It takes an extra weight off and keeps you less overwhelmed. At the end of a long day, coming home to a clean room feels so nice and we all can admit that’s true. 

Take A Break

The worst feeling is when you sit and try to work for hours just to realize you’ve barely gotten anything done. My system that I’ve found helps best is to work for a bit (for me it’s usually like forty five minutes, but it’s really up to you), then take a small break (walk around, get something to eat, go to starbucks, etc), and then go back to it. I also really like to move around. I’ll go to work in my bed, then my study spot, then maybe my friends room. I really just go wherever the wind takes me. This might not work for everyone, but it honestly keeps me sane and not overloaded. That leads into my final tip…

Prioritize Things That Make You Happy

Everyone feels the need to work, work, work in college. News flash, that’s not what life is about. You’ll never be this young again, and you don’t want to tell your kids that all you did in college was study. Go get dinner with your friends, lay in the sun, explore your college town, whatever! Things that make you smile and charge your battery are what will always pull you out of a slump.

Riley Parinello is a writer for the HerCampus magazine at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. Riley is a current freshman at Rollins College, originally from Jackson, New Jersey, exploring Business Management and Theatre Arts. Beyond HerCampus, Riley is majorly involved in organizations within the theatre department, such as the Rollins Players. She has work experience marketing and selling THE FLASH Pass as a frontline Team Member for accesso, and she also has experience working with and educating children in musical theatre. In her free time, Riley loves spending time with friends and family, reading, listening to music, going to the beach, and exploring farmers markets! She is always down to dress up, listen to Taylor Swift, and go on new adventures! Fun fact, her favorite princess is Cinderella and her go to coffee order is a dirty chai latte.