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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rollins chapter.

3…2…1… New Year, New You! It seems as easy as that doesn’t it? As soon as the clock turns 12, we begin these New Year Resolutions that we set for ourselves and for the rest of the year. For the first couple weeks of January, everyone is overly motivated to keep up the goals they set for themselves; but by the time February rolls around it can feel hard to keep up with them. I’m here to give you some extra tips to make sure you keep that promise you made to yourself in the last few minutes of 2020, and see it through to the end of the year!

The 30 Day Rule

Whatever your resolution is, try to keep it up for 30 days. It is scientifically proven that if you do something for a consecutive thirty days it becomes a habit. Again, sounds so easy, right?  Thirty days, you got this. However, the same thing goes with breaking habits. Maybe one of your resolutions was to quit your vices… so, stop whatever it may be just for 30 days. This rule will make it tough, but it WILL help you stick with the healthy habit! 

During the 30 days, use your support group like I mentioned earlier- your friends will help keep your accountable if you tell them about your goal. If you have a calendar, mark off each day that passes or journal it out each day. Whatever it takes for you to feel proud of yourself and realize what a great job you’re doing! 

Old Fashioned To-Dos

Whatever you decided your resolutions to be, it’s a goal of yours now- and like all other goals, writing them down and seeing them on a piece of paper is the best way to push them into  motion. I know it sounds silly to simply jot them down and let the universe do the rest, and you’re right- it isn’t that easy. You hold your own power, and you have the decision to pursue the goals you listed on that paper. Nothing in life that’s worthwhile is ever easy, don’t forget that! 

Write down those goals. Write them down on the days you don’t feel so hot, write them on the days you do. Just write! This gives you the power to see your accomplishments and see how far you have come. Keep it up girls, the only one who can stop you is YOU!

Turn to Your Support

When you’re going through a tough time it’s always a great idea to ask for help. Never feel like you are burdening your friends because if they truly are your friends, they’ll be down to help you with whatever you need- remember that, too! For instance, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to start getting up early. I was going to sleep at around 2 or 3 in the morning regularly and realized maybe that wasn’t the healthiest pattern for my body. As my best friend usually says, “a girl needs her beauty sleep”.

It was easy at first, because I had that extra burst of “New Year motivation”, but once I got back to school it got tough. I asked my roommate, who is an early riser, to come knock on my door in the mornings when she gets up. She was happy to help me and she ultimately kept me accountable and on track toward my goal. Be grateful for your girl gang, they’ll be there for you no matter what. This has allowed me to keep up with my resolutions thanks to my roommate! 

Bellie Gonzalez is a junior at Rollins College, majoring in Communication Studies with a concentration in public relations and minoring in Creative Writing. No, her real name isn’t Bellie, it’s Isabella, but she prefers to stick with her unique nickname that resonates with her one of a kind personality. In her free time, you can find Bellie doing the things she loves to do most: dancing, writing, and being a girl boss.
Meredith Klenkel is a Senior English major and the founder of Her Campus at Rollins. She aspires to write comedy for late night T.V one day and publish her own memoirs.