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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rollins chapter.

Summer is here and cuffing season is long over. But next we have everyone’s favorite season, HOT GIRL SUMMER. All those cold winter nights you spent inside watching rom-coms and eating takeout are over. It’s time to get off your couch and start twerking. 

Hot girl summer is more about getting into the “hot girl” mentality that allows you to be your most confident and sexy self, without letting anyone tell you anything different. Here’s how to prep for our hot comeback this season: 

Rule #1: Be Confident 

This summer is all about being confident and being your best self (and looking good while doing it). When you’re confident, it shows as soon as you enter a room and it’s sexy. Shy season is over and it’s time to be your most confident self! It will give you a freedom that only you can give yourself. It’s all about not worrying about little imperfections, accepting yourself for all that you are, and making sure everyone knows it. 

Rule #2: Be Unapologetically YOU

Thinking about why someone won’t answer you or why they aren’t interested is not allowed this summer, ladies. If he doesn’t answer- that’s his loss and not yours, honey. You don’t need petty games, all you need is your girl gang and a good time. Don’t dwell on negative things or toxic people in your life- do a little spring cleaning and find the people who accept you for you, because that’s all that matters. 

Rule #3: Hype it up  

It is time to GET HYPE: hype up your friends and don’t forget to hype yourself up too because you’re a hot girl and we have two months to do whatever we want to do. Start making those summer plans you want to happen or save up for that trip you’ve been wanting to take. It is your summer, and no one can take that away from you. Whether you’re chasing the bag with a summer internship or traveling the world, you’re going to have the best summer yet- but only if you make it happen. I’m getting the feeling it’s going to be another ‘summer sixteen’- I hope you’re all ready for it.  

Thanks to our Queen Meg the Stallion, these boys aren’t ready for what’s about to hit them. Embrace the inner hot girl that you are and get ready to slay.

Bellie Gonzalez is a junior at Rollins College, majoring in Communication Studies with a concentration in public relations and minoring in Creative Writing. No, her real name isn’t Bellie, it’s Isabella, but she prefers to stick with her unique nickname that resonates with her one of a kind personality. In her free time, you can find Bellie doing the things she loves to do most: dancing, writing, and being a girl boss.
Meredith Klenkel is a Senior English major and the founder of Her Campus at Rollins. She aspires to write comedy for late night T.V one day and publish her own memoirs.