What to Expect: Nipple Piercings

In the summer of 2016, I turned 18 and decided to celebrate by getting needles shoved through my precious nipples. I don’t know what I was thinking. I can barely handle getting my ears pierced at Claire’s. Anyway, there are a few things I wish I knew before and after getting my piercings.

Wear a bra to the tattoo parlor 

I don’t usually wear bras so I didn’t wear one when I got my piercings . . . this was a big mistake. You are usually lying down when you are getting your nipples pierced. When I stood up after I finished getting my piercings, the weight of my breast caused a painful burning sensation that traveled down my spine. I had to support my breasts with my hands to stop the pain. The worst part was driving home, every speed bump hurt so much. The next day, I went out and bought a bra, which I wore for about a month or two until the piercing healed enough to go braless. 


Wear clean clothes

Make sure to wash bras frequently or shirts (if you go braless) to prevent infections. Nipple piercing infections can be pretty gnarly and have been known to send people to the hospital. After piercing care is crucial with such a sensitive area. 


Take a break from sex

Having sex could really aggravate nipple piercings and delay the healing process. If you are like me and need sex to survive, consider getting piercings during a time when you are least likely to be hooking up consistently. I got mine while doing an internship, and I was too busy to even contemplate having sex. 


Nipple piercings can smell

This is definitely something I wasn’t expecting. Nipple piercings, especially when infected, can cause pus/liquid to leak out of the holes on either side of the nipple. When this liquid dries, it has a slight odor. Personally, I only notice it occasionally; however, some people online report really foul odors -- if this happens, you should probably get checked out. 


They increase nipple sensitivity

My nipples were not very sensitive at all prior to getting my piercings. Now, however, my breasts are a lot more sensitive. Before piercings, nipple foreplay was dull and uneventful, I used to wish I could feel the pleasure my friends did. Now that my nipples are more sensitive, I feel like I can experience all that sex and foreplay has to offer.  


Might as well do both

I have met people who have one of their nipples pierced and want to get the second done. If you know you like the idea of having both nipples pierced, but are too afraid to get them both done in one sitting, I urge you to do so anyway. I do not think I could have gone through the experience all over again later down the road to get the second one pierced. There are a lot of reports that its hurts less the first time if you get both pierced due to the adrenaline. 


I have had my piercings for almost a year now and I absolutely love them. Not only have they transformed my experience in bed, but they are super cute and fun.