Meet The Team: Devanshi Patel

It is my pleasure to introduce to you one of our amazingly talented and hilarious Her Campus Rochester contributing authors, Devanshi Patel, a diligent University of Rochester student studying Chemical Engineering and Creative Writing.


Her Campus: If you could live anywhere in the world regardless of the expense, where would you live?

Devanshi Patel: I would probably live somewhere in Europe in a walkable city with cobblestone streets and cute buildings and a lot of culture.


HC: How would your best friends describe you?

DP: Well, they would definitely say I’m the “mom friend”. Also that I'm really hard-working, funny, and I really care about people.


HC: If you were a Microsoft Office program, which would you be and why?

DP: Oh that one’s easy! I would be Word, for sure, because I’m a writer. I’m always looking for something to write about and my brain is continuously running all the time with concepts and ideas.


HC: When do you feel the most empowered?

DP: When I go to the gym and I lift something realllly heavy, I feel like I am the most powerful person in the world and the satisfaction is indescribable.


HC: How do you celebrate the women/people in your life?

DP: Trying to show them that I care. I show all of the important women in my life that I care about them by offering to do things like cooking for them and doing things that show I care for their well-being.


HC: What are you most excited to be writing about for Her Campus?

DP: I’m excited to get into stuff about dorm cooking and about representation in the media and as a whole. Talking about my experiences as a college student, for sure, as well.


HC: What is your favorite class at Rochester and why?

DP: There are two answers to this because I have two majors. For my Creative Writing major, I would say that my favorite class that I’ve taken so far is Intro to Creative Writing with David Hansen because 1) I really liked David as a professor and he was really cool and 2) I got to read so many other peoples’ stories and I got to write my own. For my ChemE Major, I want to say Heat and Mass Transfer because the stuff we learned was so interesting and applicable to reality. One specific example would be that we learned about how heat transfers from a stove top to a pan, and the fact that it is such a realistic application I think is really cool.


HC: In a fight between you, the Kool-Aid Man, and Flat Stanley, who would win?

DP: I would beat Flat Stanley, but the Kool-Aid man would drown me.


HC: If you could rent out Central Park for ten cents, what would you do with it?

DP: (Laughs) The first thing that came into my head was to make Lemonade Mouth perform and then the second thing that came into my head was make One Direction perform.


HC: What is your favorite childhood or current cartoon and why?

DP: You want the list? Okay — Avatar the Last Airbender, The Dragon Prince, The Owl House, the Loud House, Amphibia and Hilda. The favorite would be Avatar the Last Airbender by a mile. It’s just so good and it’s nostalgic and reminds me of my childhood. My favorite character is Sokka.


HC: If you had a label in high school, what would it be?

DP: Band geek.


HC: If you could adopt any animal that is not a traditional house pet, what would you want?

DP: Do dragons count? Like a red-purple dragon.


HC: What is your favorite Barbie movie?

DP: 12 Dancing Princesses. Hands down.


HC: Do you have a favorite holiday?

DP: The entire month of December.


HC: Is there anything else that you would like the world to know about you?

DP: That I think cereal is a soup. Lemme elaborate - cereal is a soup when the cereal gets soggy. When the cereal is still crunchy, it is more like... a stew. A soup is a liquid with anything added into it and, yes, ice inside water is a soup.