The Importance of Making the Time to Read for Fun

It's easy to simply dismiss leisure reading by giving excuses--the most common one being too busy and not having enough time, especially in college (I, too, am guilty of this habit). However, it is time to end this practice because taking at least thirty minutes out of the week to read a fun book is a realistic goal. Instead of watching another episode of your favorite TV show or spending time on social media, you could read a chapter of the book of your choice. Stimulate your mind! Still not convinced? Still skeptical about its benefits? Keep reading and hopefully, you will be inspired and motivated to pick up an interesting book and read for fun! 

1. Improves Health and Well-Being 

Research has proven that recreational reading helps relieve stress and tension. 

2. Stimulates Imagination

Unlike the experience of watching television or movies, reading triggers your mind to think creatively. You create the visual aesthetics of each character, and your imagination is what drives the movie that will play in your mind while reading the book.

3. Increases Empathy and Social Skills

Interacting with fictional characters in books can lead to increased social interaction and oral language development.

4. Develops Analytical and Cognitive Abilities

Reading more will help broaden your own vocabulary and strengthen your writing skills.