HC Rochester: Looking Back but Moving Forward

Since the Rochester Her Campus chapter was started, it has grown and developed within the two years of its wonderful existence on University of Rochester's campus and on the worldwide web. While our beloved founding campus correspondents graduated, they didn't leave without first setting a great example for the current members as well as the new. With all of HC Rochester's successes over the past year, I thought it was about time to celebrate the club's breakthroughs and fun-filled moments!


Hey there founding members! Where's Nikki at? 


HCXO Repping



Glam Lab

HC Rochester's first big event! Hosted on Bridge Lounge in Wilson Commons, Glam Lab was a huge success for the club. We were loud and proud in our pink gear and decor where we collaborated with Motives Cosmetics and Hiraeth Harem Elephant Pants. 



Yay for New Writer Friends! 



Another year, Another Glam Lab


Speak Love

This past semester, we proudly introduced our Speak Love campaign to our campus. We received powerful messages that we were lucky enough to have displayed in Wilson Commons for all to see and read!


"Ask Mia": Relationship and Sex Column

This year, we were excited to launch our "Ask Mia" Column - Carrie Bradshaw style - where you can ask your questions on everything relationship or sex related. Be bold and brave my friends because yes, it is completely anonymous. 



Watch Out Future: HC Rochester's Coming for You

The future is looking bright and our members are looking tight. Can't wait for HC Rochester to continue growing and spreading her wings on campus and online!