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From Couture to Wearable

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rochester chapter.

From Couture to Wearable


These past few weeks have marked the most exciting time of the year. And no, it’s not Christmas and it is not (contrary to popular belief) the Superbowl. It is time for FASHION WEEKS! The most wonderful time of the year where designers reveal their most inspired and inspiring clothing that many times resemble works of art while us mere mortals sit and sigh over clothes that we can not afford and probably will never even be able to wear.

Despite this, I find myself, once again, inspired by the colors of this years New York Spring Fashion Week and seeing all the clothes gives me hope that spring will indeed soon. Or at least before I turn 25. And although I can not afford these clothes, nor would I commit the travesty of submitting them to the horror that is a Rochester winter, I find myself being inspired. So, I have taken some of my favorite, most elaborate outfits and I have found some less expensive alternatives and made these amazing ensembles more wearable for a broke, college girl in the middle of winter.

First of all, let me just say flannel, flannel, flannel. I see it everywhere! Flannel is the perfect winter and Rochester material because it is warm but also very versatile and cute, which is perfect! This dress by Saunder, is adorable but for one that is more affordable, try this one from Forever 21 for just $25! Plus, pair it with a long sleeved white sweater, thick tights and your favorite books (Bean Boots, anyone?!) and you’re all good to go to class or the library. Or to Starbucks. Let’s be real.



    If you have told me when I was eight that my overalls would be considered fashionable in 10 years, I would have laughed. But also not be surprised, because I was the most stylish eight-year-old of all time. Duh. But, Rebecca Minkoff proved eight-year-old me right when she (or her model) paraded these glorious overalls down the runway. I found some here at H&M for anywhere for $30-$50, because, sadly, my childhood ones don’t fit me anymore. I checked. By the way, pair these with a bold lip color to really make your outfit pop!


    Want to wear a maxi skirt or dress but don’t want it to get covered in snow? Jay Godfrey has all the answers with this high-low skirt (although he obviously hasn’t been to Rochester: I mean, look how long it is in the back!). This way, you can wear your skirt but don’t have to worry about dragging it in all the wintery slush that Rochester has to offer. You can find high-low skirts practically anywhere (hello, thrift stores!) but I absolutely adore this one from Forever 21. Also notice the denim top, huge hit!


    Crops tops in winter? Scandalous, maybe, but doable, definitely. I love this piece from Badgley Mischka like I love all their pieces. However, this one is unique in that it features a white crop top with a long, gorgeous, elaborate skirt. However, don’t lose hope on me yet, because I have found the sweater crop top, a way for you to show off that stomach a little, while still managing to keep warm. Never say never, right? And hey, use this outfit as a way to look forward to the future of bikinis and sundresses. It’s coming. I promise.









      My name is Madeline and I am freshman at the University of Rochester. I row on the crew team and am planning on a double major in neuroscience and women's studies on a pre-med track. I am also involved with the Eco-Reps on campus and I love to read and play the piano.