Campus Cutie: Jordan Landfair

This week's Campus Cutie is Jordan Landfair. That's pronounced la-FAY (it's French, ooh la la).

You may have seen him giving out free cookies, or hanging out in Kearns, or running around with the little ones! Read on to find out more!


Hometown: Memphis, Tenessee

Birthday: August 10, 1995

Major and class year: Psychology, 2017

Relationship status: Eligible bachelor tryna get my Bachelor's 

Fun Fact: I used to play the violin 


School Things

Campus involvement: Minority Male Leadership Association, Kearns Center, Upward Bound

How did you get the Insomnia Cookies gig? I started working there in February after I was referred by a friend. I basically just go around campus giving out free cookies. 

Worst class you've ever taken: BCS 111

Worst thing you've eaten on campus: Banana taco at Dfo 

Favorite place on campus: Kearns 

Favorite place in Rochester: The airport

How did you end up at U of R? I saw a bumble bee college mascot in a brochure and searched bumble bee mascots on Google images to figure out which school it was from. I just randomly picked one. Turns out it was actually from Georgia Tech, but here I am.   

How did you celebrate this year's D-Day? Drank, hung out on the roof of Chi Phi, skipped the line so I could be one of the first people to get the hats, then started the 'we want hats' rally so we could get them faster. 

The Nitty-Gritty

Any crazy sex stories? Almost getting caught by my godmom at her house. We were on the couch (savage) and then she came home, so the girl hid in my closet until it was safe for her to run out the backdoor. 

Celebrity crush: Alicia Keys

What you look for in a girl: Comfortable in her own skin 

Deal-breaker: Fame-seekers and gold-diggers



Current favorite song: Lady by D'Angelo

Favorite show: Game of Thrones

Favorite drink: Peach Ciroc

Guilty pleasure: ...Herbs

Dream job: NBA basketball player

Three words that describe me: Old young man

Future Plans

What are you up to this summer? Working at Upward Bound in Rochester. 

Plans after graduation? Teach For America in Memphis then go to grad school for Education. 

Advice for peers: Know yourself, know your worth.