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Campus Celebrity: Erinmarie Byrnes

Full name: Erinmarie Kathryn Byrnes 

Hometown: Glenside, PA

Class year: 2017

Major(s): Political Science and English LMC

Favorite food: Mozzarella sticks from hillside! The seasoned ones, not the TGI Fridays ones. Obviously. 

Campus involvement: Secretary of SDT, team leader at LEAP (which is a tutoring group for kids k-3), UR Celtic, SA Government as deputy academics committee chair, and eye to eye

Favorite thing about UofR: My favorite thing about UofR is the weather… just kidding. I love our students’ passion. Whether its their clubs, greek life, or their schoolwork, everyone loves and pursues something.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years: In 10 years I see myself living in DC with a husband and an expendable income, working in constitutional law and teaching Irish dance.

Favorite quote: “Decisions are made by those who show up” -The West Wing (Which also happens to be her favorite TV show!)

Something people may not know about you: I Irish danced competitively in high school.

Role model: My Aunt Tina because she lives her life striving to be as kind and compassionate as she can be.

Advice to incoming Freshmen: It’s okay to make mistakes, in fact you should be trying to make them. When I arrived at UofR I was so concerned about doing something wrong that I didn’t even bother trying. You’re going to make a mistake eventually, you might as well learn from it and move on.



Writer’s note: Thanks so much to Erinmarie for answering my frantic texts and allowing me to interview her!! 


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