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Campus Celeb: Jon Menke



Garnish Award Winner, Liberty League Pitcher of the Year, aspiring professional baseball player: These are just a few things that describe this weeks Campus Celebrity, Jon Menke! Read below to find out more!

Hometown: Highland Park, IL

Campus Activities: President of the Sports Business Club, Pitcher on the Baseball Team, Ambassador to the Dream Team.

Achievments while at Rochester: Garnish Award Winner, Rush Rhees Scholar, Liberty League All-Academic Team, 2012 Liberty League Pitcher of the Year

Major: Double Major in Mathematics and Financial Economics

Hobbies: Playing guitar, singing in the shower

Future Plans: Next year I will hopefully have been drafted and off playing professional baseball somewhere. Keep your fingers crossed.

Favorite part of Rochester: If you haven’t guessed already baseball is my life. The guys on the team are great to hang out with, both on and off the field.

Advice to future Freshmen: Have fun. Four years will fly by so enjoy it while you can.  

Meghan Liptak is a senior at the University of Rochester. She is majoring in Political Science and has been part of the Her Campus Rochester team as a contributing writer for over a year. Meghan looks forward to taking over as campus correspondent and copy editor of Her Campus Rochester this upcoming school year.
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