The Best Post-Vday Candy Deals

Valentine’s Day.


It’s either the best or worst day of the year for collegiette women. If you’re in a relationship, it is a day full of love and affection. If you’re single, it’s pretty depressing.


This year, I fell in the latter group. I’m not letting my solo status deter me from getting the most out of vday, though.


That being said….. I present to you…..The ultimate guide to discount valentines candy!



These are the ultimate vday staple. There are so many varieties and flavors its actually a bit ridiculous, so go all out. These only go on sale once a year, so you definitely don’t have to feel bad about buying out the store. You’re just helping them clear out merchandise anyways, right? So, wanna be mine? ;)



This is the classic chocolate choice. Choose from dozens of flavors and varieties, all 50% off! I literally cannot get enough of their silky smooth chocolate, and I don’t have to -- it’s all on sale! Faves include milk chocolate with caramel, dark chocolate truffles, and ganache anything.


Russell Stover

By far, Russell Stover is THE best valentine’s day chocolate brand. Nothing compares to the adorable heart shaped box they come in, and the variety of flavors is unreal. I’m a dark chocolate girl myself, *hint hint*, so the dark chocolate assortment is a personal favorite.


Valentine's Branded ANYTHING!

Literally everywhere you turn, products are branded with pink and red hearts. After vday, they officially become irrelevant until next year, AKA you can get some sick sales. Heart shaped cookies? Check. Pink and Red M&M’s? Hell yes.