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5 Ways To Stay Organized During a Zoom Semester

It can always feel like a drag ending break and starting a new semester, and the added Zoom fatigue doesn’t make it any easier. With the spring semester underway, we must take time to make sure we are setting ourselves up for success rather than trying to catch up in the middle of chaos. Here are my tried and true tips for staying organized, especially when your daily life revolves around switching between different Zoom links. 

Have a solid routine

Waking up and going to sleep at around the same time every day helps your body to properly restore itself and function at its highest capacity according to The Sleep Foundation. Daily routines also help you stay on track when you are overloaded with classes, coursework and internship applications. 

Carry a mini backpack

Even though you may be in your room all day, it’s essential that you have everything you need all in one place. A mini backpack makes for not having to move around so much to get something you need, allowing you to stay more focused. I keep a pencil case, my AirPods and even a snack in my little backpack. 

Sticky notes are your best friend

I wouldn’t survive without constant lists and little pieces of information written down during class. New thoughts and ideas are always coming to me at the most random times, and I would completely forget them if I didn’t have sticky notes to write them down. In a Zoom life, there are always new tasks that must be done and it personally feels great to be able to draw a line through something that I accomplished. 

It may be cliche, but a planner is essential

Writing down your assignment deadlines and test dates will help you to stay on top of yourself when the semester starts to pick up. Even planning out Zoom trivia nights or penciling in your weekly phone call with your parents can help to alleviate the stress of constant planning. 

Most importantly, less screen time

When you’re sitting in your room or office all day it’s extremely easy to get distracted or bored and pick up your phone. With social media easily accessible, you can spend hours scrolling without noticing how much time has passed. Limit your daily screen time and notice how much you’re able to do in a day. 

Remember, productivity *does not* equal success. Take time for yourself and make sure you’re doing things every day that your future self would be proud of.

Hey, I'm Victoria! I'm an International Relations major and Spanish Language minor at the University of Rochester. I'm a multi-faceted person whose interest range from vlogging to political science research. Currently I am an intern at the NYS Office of the Attorney General, a Public Relation intern and I have a passion for fashion and all the beautiful things life has to offer. Connect with me on instagram: @Victoria.liverpool
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