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3 Things We Should All Do More Often

Remembering names

At this point in your life you have probably met someone who is terrible at remembering names. Maybe you are that person. No judgement, I get it, there are so many more important things to remember, right? And Sometimes when you meet a person, you aren’t even sure if you’ll ever see them again, so forgetting seems pretty acceptable. But when you are in the same class, or have the same mutual friends, forgetting more than twice tells the person that they aren’t worthy of what little time and effort it takes you to remember, or even clarify on the pronunciation. Trust me, it’s more embarrassing to find out that you’ve been butchering your friend’s name for *months* rather than asking, “could you repeat that one more time?” while you’re still aquantances.

Holding the door

Chivalry *may* be dead (even though it shouldn’t be) but holding the door for someone isn’t always a formal sex ploy. There are certain times when a door just needs to be held, like when someone is in need of assistance to open the door because they’ve carrying a heavy load or pushing a cart. Maybe the ditzy girl from your biology class is walking and texting. I don’t know.  And for the love of Pete, follow the arm to contact rule. If you don’t know the arm to contact rule (which you probably don’t, because I just made it up) it’s when you walk through a door, and keep your arm in contact with the open door so that the person fifteen feet or less behind you is able to catch up and hold the door with their own arm, before you let go. This prevents anyone from being smacked in the face. You’re welcome.

Saying thank you

Saying thank you not only expresses your gratitude but also lets the receiver of the thanks feel like their generosity was worth it. It is such a sour feeling when you do something nice for someone and they don’t express any type of gratitude. It’s an even worse feeling when you complement someone and they respond with, “I know.” So don’t be a jerk, when you’re being helped out or complimented, give thanks. A perfect opportunity to say thank you is when someone holds the door for you when you’re fifteen feet behind!!


Gianna is a Brain and Cognitive Sciences major at the University of Rochester in New York. Originally exposed to Her Campus after being interviewed for Campus Cutie, she is excited to start this new writing experience! She absolutely loves corny jokes, little cute things, tea, coffee, and good conversation.
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