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The year 2020, for many of us, it was as if we were living through one nightmare after another. While many of us want the new year to come and this year to be over with, we still have the holiday season to get through. 


As someone who is always looking for a deal or a way to save, shopping during the holiday season can be both fun and unnerving. Below I have compiled a list of ways to save this holiday season! Not only will your pocket book thank me but so will mother nature! Let’s end the year off right and make this holiday season one of the best ones ever in the history of mankind. 


Reuse old gift bags and upcycle newspaper for sustainable gift wrapping


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Not only will this save you time searching in the stores for gift coverings, but think about all the money you will save by reusing items you might already have lying around the house. By reusing and upcycling, mother nature will thank you for choosing a more sustainable method to celebrate the holidays!


Shop online


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Not only will this save you time but depending on what you’re buying, this can save you tons of money as well! And if you think about it, the gift already comes in its own gift wrap away from prying eyes.


Buy tickets for future memory making



With the rest of 2020 on lockdown, going out to a theater, concert, or a local entertainment venue is out of the question. Travel is a big no-no, especially when it comes to all the restrictions states and countries have on foreigners. That doesn’t mean you can’t buy tickets or gift cards now, or even plan a low cost excursion so that when things settle down, you can go out and enjoy time together as a family. Making memories that will last a lifetime will last longer than the latest new gadget that gets forgotten within 2 weeks.


Get crafty

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Sometimes one of the best ways to show you care is by making something by hand. Whether it be baking homemade cookies, knitting up a pair of gloves, a hat, and a scarf, or creating homemade holiday decorations for the whole family. Whenever you put your mind, hands, and heart to work together, the world is at your fingertips. 



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However you plan to celebrate the holiday season this year, make sure it’s a good one spent with the ones you love.

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