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Have you ever

laid on the Earth’s floor, 

hands tangled

in the delicate blades of grass,

and marveled 

at the utter endlessness

and vastness

of the sky?

It seems so unfair

that we mistake it

for ordinary.

It is…


So when I reach my hand

up toward its magic,

yearning for its breath,

I am reminded

that I am a finite being

living in an infinite universe.

My days are numbered

but my soul transcends.

And for that,

I am wholly grounded…


in my purpose.

Natalie is a New Media Design student at Rochester Institute of Technology's College of Art and Design. She was a competitive dancer for most of her life as well as a musician and artist. She enjoys creating more than anything; art, designs, music, clothing (upcycling), writing, etc. Reading has always been one of her favorite activities and she loves to spend lots of time exploring in nature. Nat also finds most of her life answers after doing an intense yoga practice:) She is the Art/Design Director of RIT's HerCampus Chapter and is incredibly grateful for the opportunity.
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