Restaurants and Bar Life in Rochester

Looking for somewhere to go for dinner or a few drinks on a random weeknight or a weekend. Don’t really know where to go in Rochester and need a few suggestions on great places?


I have been living in Rochester for 10+ years now and can definitely help you with some of the top places to go. This list will give you date place ideas and or a great local bar for you and your friends to go for a drink.


There are tons of great restaurants and bars out in downtown Rochester, but here are a few that I know are popular to Rochester natives and newcomers as well.


1. The Old Toad

This English Pub is the most authentic pub Rochester has to offer. It is a bar restaurant that is involved in a great exchange program that swamps an English person with an American and allows them to come work in the Rochester area for a year. They have a great drink selection and menu full of English food.


2. Tap and Mallet

This is a bar restaurant that has an extremely diverse beer selection. They follow the seasons and currently are featuring Christmas ale. This is a highly recommended place for anyone looking for a great meal in a place with a down to earth atmosphere.


3. Lux Lounge

This nightclub is located in the South Wedge and is considered the hipster bar. Most of the guests that attend Lux are stylishly attired. It is considered a more laid-back bar that features cheap beer specials, devilish décor and a different crowd then some bars.


4. Macgregor’s Grill and Tap Room

If you’re looking for beer and wings this is the place for you. It is a perfect casual bar to spend time with best friends and or co-workers. They have loads of taps and food to choose from.


5. Tapas 177

Located in one of Rochester’s under rated hot spots causes this place to be hidden by most. Tapas is a bar restaurant that has friendly bartenders who are always looking for a good time. A bar occupies the entire top floor where drinks and dinner can be served. The downstairs is full of tables for dates to have a romantic night out.


6. Bug Jar

Looking for a bar to go for excellent musical acts and a great dance night then the Bug Jar is your place. It is a unique place to be seeing as they have furniture hanging from their ceiling.


7. Half Pint Pub

Don’t let this small (from the outside) pub deceive you. This friendly atmosphere brings an old world pub to life. It’s great selection of beer brings Park Ave lovers in frequently. It is originally modeled after a bar in New York City, but this cozy, warm place offers good music as well.


8. Boulder Coffee Co.

If you are looking for a cute coffee shop to relax while reading a book or enjoy some company this is the place to go. They not only offer coffee, but there are a few sandwich items and they even have a small beer selection.


These are some of the great places Rochester has to offer. Don’t hesitate to look these places up and bring some friends for a great night out.


Hopefully this list of places gives you a great variety of some hot spots in downtown Rochester.


Enjoy the city you live in!