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Joe Porpeglia

Name: Joe Porpeglia

Hometown: Castleton, New York

Major: Information Technology

Interests: Music, sports, designing websites, weekends, and visiting friends

Favorite part of RIT: The jobs and the people

Interesting Fact: Graduated at the top of my high school class

Dream Girl: Shares most of my interests, loud and wild (but not too much), and a big smile.

Where you find him most: Park Point, the gym, campus


Olivia is a sophomore Advertising and Public Relations major at the Rochester Institute of Technology. She works for RIT SportsZone as a reporter and in the marketing department. She is now also a co-founder of the RIT HerCampus branch which she can't wait to get started! Her biggest dream is to have her own talk show or to work as a reporter for ESPN. Her hobbies include acting and singing and she is almost always performing. She also has an unhealthy addiction to peanut butter and feels the need to put it on everything she eats! After RIT she hopes to attend performing school in New York City where she plans to live for the rest of her life and fullfill her dreams.
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