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I Let My Friends Choose My Outfits For The Week

With the rise of internet culture, there is also a rise in different trends within style and fashion. There are so many new and old styles cycling in and out of trendiness that it can be difficult to keep up with.

However, I still have a desire to try all of these different styles. At the same time, while I believe that I have a good fashion sense, I tend to stay well inside my comfort zone. So, I wanted to try something to change this. I was inspired to pick 4 friends to choose my outfits and get me out of my comfort for the week.


I started with Tuesday, since I did not leave my house on Monday. I decided it would be a good idea to get the perspective of someone of a different gender. So, one of my best friends, Aditya, chose my outfit.

He picked out a tie-dye graphic t-shirt, grey corduroy pants, and pink converse.

I really liked this outfit and would definitely wear it again. However, I don't think I would have picked this outfit out myself. Overall, I think this day was great, but not too far out of my comfort zone.


On Wednesday, my fellow Her Campus member, Gaby, picked out my outfit. She chose a white long-sleeve shirt, a black tank top, and tan plaid dress pants with Doc Marten boots.

This is an outfit I would absolutely never pick out for myself, but I loved it! It was a lot dressier than I am used to (I am an avid fan of big sweaters and leggings) but I think it made me feel a lot more confident and put-together. I would love to try more outfits like this.


Thursday, His Campus member, Ashton, chose my outfit. He chose ripped mom jeans, a collared shirt with a graphic sweatshirt over it, and Doc Marten boots.

I absolutely adored this outfit and have already worn it again since. I had all the items for this in my closet already but would have never thought to put it together on my own. It was such a trendy and chic outfit that is appropriate for so many different events. I will ensure that I continue to incorporate not only this outfit but this style into my closet from now on.


Our president, Kenzie, chose my outfit on Friday. She wanted to go for a girly pink Y2K look. Sadly, I had absolutely no pink or girly items in my closet, but we wanted to stay true to her idea.

So, we went with a darker version of her style choice. I wore a black flared skirt, a black bralette with a lace black long-sleeve on top, and Doc Marten boots. With respect to every other participant, this was my favorite outfit of the whole week. I felt very confident and alluring in this look. Although I was freezing, so I will be wearing this again once it starts to warm up!

What I learned from this is, not only that Doc Marten boots are extremely popular, but also stepping out of your fashion comfort zone can be a daunting, yet extremely rewarding experience. I would like to thank everyone who participated in this with me. This is something I would love to try again and continue to learn from in the future.

Morrgan is a second year SOIS (School of Individualized Study) major at RIT. She has focuses in film, media, and journalism. She loves to write, watch movies, and listen to music.
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