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The Female Orgasm

I spotted the flyer for “The Female Orgasm” immediately, despite the bulletin board it was posted on being filled past its borders with other flyers of campus events and job postings. Not only was it about the female sexuality, according to the flyer, it was also about pleasure. Couple this with its title being on a backdrop of sexually explicit words, and I knew for sure this event was going to be more than informational; it was also going to be fun.

Sponsored by the Center for Women and Gender, New Student Orientation, the Center for Campus Life, Fraternity and Sorority Life, the Center for Residence Life, and Student Government, and hosted by sex educators Kate Weinberg and Marshall Miller, The Female Orgasm was more than the good time the flyers promised it would be.

Because sex tends to be a very awkward subject, it was refreshing to see the hosts make light of the situation without also belittling the dangers of sex. Weinberg and Miller began the night with their own sexual histories, which immediately set the audience at ease. Although, Weinberg was a woman, she easily connected with the predominantly male audience.

Many males tend to be shy, even embarrassed about their lack of sexual ability. However, Weinberg did such an excellent job breaking the ice in the first 10 minutes that when I asked many of the males why they were there they actually told me it was because they thought they sucked in bed. Never before have I heard a man admit that!

Miller also made for a great sex educator. His wit and carefree sense of humor fit perfectly into the easy atmosphere Weinberg’d set up. The two discussed common questions and myths about female sexuality and pleasure. This included: how to help her orgasm, orgasm etiquette (she should do so first), stamina, and the importance of communication in all sexual relations.

“I thought it was entertaining and informative at the same time. I didn’t think it would be as funny as it was or for the audience to get as involved as they did. I actually wasn’t going to attend at first and then my girlfriend asked me to come,” said Victor Zarate, 19, a second-year Advertising and Public Relations major.

Additionally, Weinberg and Miller avoided the typical heteronormative sex talk that is prevalent in elementary, middle school, and high school health classes. All students, regardless of gender and/or sexual orientation/preference, were included in this sex talk!

The event packed the Ingle Auditorium, and five days later, I am still seeing students sporting the “I Love Female Orgasm” T-shirt! Don’t worry if you missed it. The event was so popular, despite only being publicized for less than a week, that the Center for Women and Gender was flooded with requests to bring Weinberg and Miller back and they have agreed to do so. Be on the lookout for the flyers, either later this school year or the next. So, if you see a poster with the words: “The Female Orgasm” boldly printed across a list of sexual terms, and you do decide to take it, just know you’re in for a great time.

I am a second year student at RIT, double majoring in Journalism and Political Science. I am also minoring in Public Policy and Writing Studies. I have been with Her Campus RIT for a little over 6 months now and have been thoroughly enjoying the Please feel free to follow my work on twitter: @TiannaManon.
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