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So, this is going to be a lot trickier than I anticipated, because it is so difficult for me to judge music. I always feel that it is a form of art that belongs to the artist, so I am in no place to say if it is good or bad. Thankfully for COIN, it is always good–sorry, I mean, it is ALWAYS a masterpiece.


COIN’s new EP album “Green Blue + Indigo Violet” dropped conveniently on my birthday March 12th. Talk about a grand Birthday Gift. It was just what I NEEDED.


Last year I was obsessed with listening to their other album titled “Dreamland.” I especially started listening to it when the World first went into shut down mode for the pandemic. Their new EP album “Green Blue + Indigo Violet” gave us the after effect while being stuck in the liminal vibe. 


*Insert that Debby Ryan’s really digging it meme*


All of the songs are very vibrate with the instruments and soft lyrics, making it feel like Chase Lawrence is singing poetry. You really feel like you are absorbing the colors of the album. There is a lightness in the depth within this EP. It is what the world NEEDS. Although the EP only has 8 songs featured with one music video, I have no doubt that these songs will eventually transition into something larger. It is the perfect set up for a new era in COIN’s music. Hopefully I have you convinced to check out COIN’s latest EP!

I can’t determine what is GOOD and what is BAD so here are some of my favorite lyrics from each song:

  • Sprite: Sunrise in orbit I still can’t tell the truth Why do I play the fool when Your eyes were never blue

  • Sagittarius Superstar: I don’t know if I could ever do without you And I hope to God I don’t get the chance to

  • Turnaround: It’s exhausting being me All these roots without a tree

  • Earth To God: Circumstances and seasons change Maybe you’re working another case Or we’re just floating in space

  • Sort It Out: If you call and I’m nowhere to be found Just lean on my shoulder

  • You Are The Traffic: I guess it isn’t up for me to decide If I get some color on my cheeks

  • Make It Stop: Mеmory bought by a photograph Who do I become when my youth fades away? And I just wanna go home again

  • I Feel Alive?: And of course it comes at the worst time And of course it comes on a bad night But everybody hurts like me and you


It is easier for me to say what I dislike rather than what I love because I pretty much love everything except for raw tomatoes.
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