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Autumn: College Style!

As much as I love 90 degree weather and having an excuse for showing off the legs I worked all winter for, there is nothing better than the cute boots, blazers, and sweaters that come with fall.

However, watching autumn manifest on your college campus is even better. There is nothing more inspiring than watching the leaves turn golden and blush red. Forget the brainstorming and listening to music to get rid of writer’s block, simply looking out the nearest window will do. If you’re really stuck on a paper, wait until the sun sets. The rustic orange and burgundy hues of the sunset only add to the ambiance set by the leaves. This also helps if you are feeling particularly stressed. Just watching nature, which is always very slow-moving in comparison to the typical collegiate life, can be very relaxing and soothing.

In addition to this, your outfits will still make sense once you’re in class. In the first few weeks of school, you’re still in tank-tops, short shorts, and flip-flops. Less than 15 minutes into class and you’re shivering from the air condition. In winter, you’re winter coat, boots, thermals, and heavy sweaters may keep you warm when you’re walking through a blizzard to class, but once you step through the doors, you’re sweating! In fall, though, you’re thin sweater and cute jeans will keep you comfortable.

If, of course, you wake up in time to get dressed that cute because fall also means shorter days, which in turn means later sunrises. Because I am already not a morning person who also foolishly signed up for 8:00 a.m. classes, the only way I can drag myself out of bed in the morning is if the sun is up and shining. However, lately the sky outside my window has been closer to indigo, and not the cerulean I would like to see! Additionally, the days take a little longer to warm up. In the space of 4 hours (during two of my classes) it can go from 45 degrees to 60! You can just imagine how many people are staring at me as I walk out unlooping my winter scarf and taking off my super thick hoodie.

There’s a reason that fall is a very popular season. While winter and summer may be considered the more fun seasons and spring is the most hopeful; fall is undoubtedly the most beautiful. So lace up your boots, button your blazers, forget that you’re in college, and go step on some leaves! Because while the fashion and sights of fall may be great, nothing beats the crunch leaves under your feet!

I am a second year student at RIT, double majoring in Journalism and Political Science. I am also minoring in Public Policy and Writing Studies. I have been with Her Campus RIT for a little over 6 months now and have been thoroughly enjoying the Please feel free to follow my work on twitter: @TiannaManon.
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