Who Run The World?

It's March and that means it's time celebrate the ladies! In honor of Women's History Month we have gathered our favorite past responses from the leaders, stellar athletes, and humanitarian's who wll be running the world in the future on what success meant to them. Enjoy and take notes.

Amanda Matticks
"Success to me is when you set a goal for yourself and then not only do you achieve it, you surpass your own goal. I also believe that to be truly successful in life, you need to be happy with your own decisions. It shouldn’t matter if you have anyone else’s approval; all that matters is that you are proud of yourself."

LaToya Gibbons
"Success to me is a culmination of things. I define my success a continuation of achievement. There is not one culminating goal that I want to achieve in life, but rather a succession of goals that I want meet and exceed. If I’m constantly moving for progression, then I am forever growing as a person. I do not want to stop achieving anything I pursue and I when I stop moving I know I have failed as a successful person. As long as I am constantly moving towards many successes, I will forever be successful."

Danyelle Johnson
"To me success means any amount of gratitude that you receive when you accomplish what you’ve either always wanted to accomplish, or when you accomplish something that makes you and your loved ones happy. Right now, I am in the process of attaining that happiness that won’t truly just come from money, but it will also come when I have completed school with a high level of degree and when I have done all I can do to change as many lives as I can. Monetary success as well as the success from helping other people may not come quickly, but as long as I keep a close relationship with God, stay determined, and follow in the right footsteps of other leaders, I will make it soon enough. I work to live and live to make others happy."

Lorelei Colbert
"For me, success is being the best that I can be and accomplishing my goals. So far, I would consider myself somewhat successful. I will know I have reached success when I get a great career, can support myself, and be happy with everything that I have done. For now, I live to work- I can’t help it. I feel like you need to work hard to reap the best benefits. You need to play big, to win big, and I definitely want to win big!"

Alixcia Semexant
"Success for me is achieving what you planned to do plus more. Like I said before, when I look back and I am proud of what I have done, then I know my end result is success. Work to live or live to work? I live to work because I know that my life centers on the achievement in whatever I do and I will be satisfy with that. If I work to live then my views on work will just be hard working whose purpose is to earn a living and having a lot of money isn’t worth not being proud or happy at the end."

Jalyssa James
"Success to me is fulfilling the task that God prepared for me. If I complete what he has set out in front of me, I know what I do will be blessed. I will be successful and there isn’t a person or power out there that could stop me."