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This Week’s Eye Candy: Jeff Jones

Hello Ladies! This week’s campus cutie is basketball guard Jeff Jones. We sit down with him and talk basketball, school and of course…love.

He Got Game

Jeff explains that basketball “is just part of me,” and that he has been in love with the game since he was a mere five-years old. “I started playing when I was five. It got real serious when I was six!” he explains with laughter. 

I Want More

Though he could have just stuck to playing B-ball in Virginia—where he attended college at the University of Virginia for three years—Jeff chose to explore some of his many other talents and interests. Jeff now is a senior here at Rider University, majoring in Sociology and also a member of the Rider Men’s Basketball team. “It was a real tough league,” he admits of Virginia, “but I made a change. It was best for me to come here [Rider] for my future.”

Jeff says that he takes his courses here at Rider very seriously. “I came here to make the most of my situation and did what was best for me to succeed as a person and in my profession. I did what I had to do, what was best for me to achieve my dreams. We understand Jeff. You are a man on a mission and focused 24/7. 
Q: What’s sexier than a guy who is an athlete and handles his business in the classroom?
A: Nothing.
Make a Life, Not a Living
“At the end of the day it’s not about the money. You just gotta love what you do. Money don’t solve nothing, it doesn’t bring happiness. I think that’s with anything — you have to have passion, have drive. And be focused because you only have one chance to do it.” We say, well said, Jeff. 
Cars, Cars, Cars
Jeff says that though he plans to play professional basketball in the NBA he does have a backup plan. “I’ve always wanted to do something in business. Probably own my own car business.” Inspired by his father who also has loves cars Jeff says he has a passion for cars as well.” We know a few ladies who wouldn’t mind riding shotgun in on of Jeff’s cars. 
Growing Pains
Jeff, 21, who grew up in Chester, Penn., explains that growing up with both parents has truly been a blessing, yet it was not always walk in the park. “It’s [Chester] a rough area, right now we’re going through some tough times…a lot of people don’t have both parents with them, guiding them through whatever they have to do. My mom pushed me to be the best person I could be.” Jeff says of his parents.  
Bsst Friends
“My dad and I are best friends right now,” Jeff says, referring the person who he considers to be his role model. “I look up to my dad. He played ball too so he’s my biggest inspiration.” 
Family Guy
Jeff says that he loves to spend his weekends at home, spending time with his family, especially since he lives only an hour away from home now that he lives on campus at Rider. “Family is everything because, at the end of the day, it’s all you have.” 
Worst Habit
Jeff says that his worst habit is “probably licking my lips.” And yes, he demonstrated for us. I bet I know a few girls who wouldn’t mind this “bad habit”. 
She’s All That
“You have to have some drive in you. A girl that has drive and goals…that’s real important.” Jeff says of what he looks for in a girl. 
Hard to Find
Jeff appreciates a woman that can be a lady in the streets. “Loud girls…that’s the biggest turn-off. I like a girl with a lot of swag that’s real confident, but I like quiet swag.”
The Perfect Date
“I like to keep it real simple. I’d probably take her out to eat, then watch a movie at the house. I figure if a girl can handle the simple things then when it gets down the the grander things, she can really get down to it.” 
To All the Ladies in the House
Sorry to disappoint, ladies. Jeff is taken! 
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