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This Week’s Best Dressed: Vintage Vamp Danielle Riseley

What’s refreshing about Danielle Riseley, and why she has the coveted Campus Cuties title for this week, is that her moxie is her trademark; it’s her distinctive characteristic that keeps her from being counterfeited.

Cultured Cutie

Danielle is not only cute but also cultured. This army brat was born in Germany but currently resides in Maryland and has plans to move to Arizona this coming summer. She says that it was quite less than pleasant moving someplace new every two years or so because of her shyness but claims that Rider has been a different experience for her. “It’s nice being in the same place for three years,” and then adds, “I love Rider.” In fact, she says, “I originally wanted to go to film school, but I came here and I liked it so much that I didn’t want to transfer.”

There’s More

Danielle is an English major but her creativity doesn’t end there. She loves animating and stop motion. Her ultimate dream is to animate for Pixar. Nice.

Vintage Vamp

Danielle declares herself as more stylish than fashionable. “Style is whatever you feel you look nice in.” She’s a lover of vintage style, particularly the fifties era and takes cues from the retro era as well. “I think it’s [vintage] really pretty.”

Fit First

Danielle knows the importance of clothes fitting properly, having a tailored look overall. When asked whether she thinks it’s important to dress your own body, for example, she responds, “Yes! ‘Cause then you get awkward spots and it’s just bad!” It’s how her voice lightens into a feathery whisper that tells us she’s passionate about what she’s saying.

 “My clothes have to be fitted or else it looks like I’m hiding like forty pounds.” But just like all of us, Danielle has trouble finding clothes that fit and flatter her body shape. She explains, with a smile on her face, that because she is busty it’s often challenging to purchase things from retail and even vintage clothing stores. So what does a girl do? Online, baby! Danielle explains that modcloth.com is her favorite online destination for clothes that fit her body shape.

Trendy Gal

A follower of trends because they are hard to bypass, Danielle admits that cardigans are definitely one that is popular in her daily wardrobe. “I like cardigans a lot lately. I really love cardigans,” Danielle confesses with hints of amore in her tone. She also mentions that while she does follow trends she doesn’t allow then to whisk her away from her true personal style, which she describes as “vintage and cute”.

Favorite Stores

So where does she get her cardigans, amongst other items in her closet? Forever 21, “because they have everything”, TJ Maxx and Macy’s. No much of a bargain shopper, Danielle divulges that she will pay overprice for something that is cute enough.

Just Pockets

No purse or bag for Danielle. Though she considers herself to be high maintenance and often tries to hide it from others, pockets filled with her keys, Chapstick and ID card are enough for her. So where does the self=proclaimed label come from? Her counter is littered with facial cleaners, hair products and all sorts of makeup utensils and products. Danielle, your secret is safe with us.

Pink Amore

Like every chic girl, Danielle has a favorite piece in her closet. “I have this pink dress that I absolutely love. It’s linen and it’s…it’s very fifties style. It’s so cute. But I have to stop myself from wearing it everyday.” Danielle also admits that she is a collector—no, hunter—of timeless vintage style dresses on her favorite website, modcloth.com.

They Think I’m…

When asked how her friends would describe her she starts off by saying through a laugh, “Narcissistic.” We all join in and share a laugh until she goes on to say, “Funny, I would hope.”

Style Is Not An Option

For Danielle style is not an option. She says she takes pleasure in getting dressed up everyday. “I actually don’t like it when I am not dressed up. It makes me feel like I’m gross and disgusting.” And for you Rider college queens? “You usually feel a lot better when you take the time out to really look good and you’re more inclined to talk in class and be like, ‘look at me, I’m awesome’.”

Well said, Danielle.

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A New Jersey native, Amber S. Brown is an ambitious communication/journalism student who aspires to have a career in the magazine world. Amber is a well-rounded and committed student who has repeatedly earned herself a spot on the Dean’s list at her university. Her thirst and energy for writing, style, and fitness keeps her one step ahead of everyone else. Driven to bring something fresh and new to the magazine industry, Amber continues to be focused, motivated, and has an unbreakable “anything’s possible” attitude.
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