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Weathering the Valentine’s Day Storm

It’s that time of year again: Valentine’s Day. Either you love it or hate it. Either you’re single or taken. This day is either the worst day of the year for you, or one you greatly enjoy. Whatever the case, there’s a way to survive it. If you’ve got a significant other, you want to be especially diligent with the financial aspect of this lovesick day.


Men don’t usually want a lot on Valentine’s Day except to be with their significant other and treat them to a nice day. But with all that these loyal guys do for you, it would be nice to repay them in some way. Ladies, you know your man best. What does he like? If he’s a huge gamehead, get him that new Xbox 360 game he’s been raving about for months. If he loves sports, get him a t-shirt or some other memorabilia of his favorite team. If he loves The Office, get him the latest box set. Men don’t typically like getting the romantic gifts that women do on Valentine’s Day, so go for something he will appreciate year-round. Hey, when he goes to use the gift you got him, he will remember that it was from you and he’s be forever grateful. But be careful not to splurge: don’t forget that it’s just Valentine’s Day and not his birthday or Christmas.


Guys, we can’t tell you enough: women are not simple creatures. The average woman deep down is a sucker for the classic romance bits: flowers, chocolates, jewelry, a corny movie and a romantic evening, which usually includes dinner out. Not only that, but we like to be remembered too with things we’re interested in. By now you should know what makes your girl weak in the knees (you’d better know!). If she likes roses, get her a dozen red or white ones. If she’s got a sweet tooth, get her a little goodie bag of her favorite chocolates. If she loves chick flicks, find out which are her favorites and get them on DVD so she can watch them all the time. If she likes a combination of these or other things, there’s no need to say it: just get them for her! Women love to be pampered and getting a super sweet gift on Valentine’s Day will make her feel special and make the day memorable. She will also love that her man took the time to get her a little something extra that he knew she’d like. But guys don’t forget: the same money rule applies here. Though Valentine’s Day is important to remind your lady how important she is to you, don’t go crazy. Be modest but thoughtful.

It’s not impossible to find something special for that special someone. Just mind your wallet and remember whom you’re buying for! Your significant other will surely be pleased.

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