Rampant Obsession: Belly Time

Crop tops, hate them or love them they’re a trend that’s here to say. What started somewhat of a fad in spring/summer ’10 has taken over stores. Personally, I love them. They can go from cute and causal to sexy and fab, all with styling. I know some might feel a little overwhelmed by crop tops. Maybe they don’t want to show too much of their stomachs or they just don’t know how they should wear them. So here are some styling tips: 

First, there are three main ways to wear a crop top: high waist bottom, over a dress, or with pants.  If you find that these ideas are still too revealing, you could always buy a boxy cut; it gives the illusion without the skin.

High waist bottom:  It can be a high waist skirt or pants. Depending on the length of the shirt, you could tuck it in too.

Over a dress: Is a super chic meets casual way. If the dress has a waistband it has to be high up so it’s not showing. 

Pants: The pants can beshorts as well.

P.S.  I’m dying for this top. AE Sweeheart Crop Corset, $24.50