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James Burroughs

A friendly, goofy, loveable track star in the making James Burroughs is an undercover ladies’ man. With his unforgettable smile, sense of humor, and hidden skills, he tells it all from how he keeps fit to the sweetest thing he’s ever done for a girl.

Did anyone ever help you figure out how to ask out a girl?
No, I was too embarrassed to try to ask anyone for help. I have helped someone else ask a girl out. I told him to try and work it into the conversation and then when he felt the moment was right in the conversation to just ask it.
Did you ever have a girl ask you out?
Yes, I have had a girl ask me out. I didn’t like her, because I had a girlfriend at the time. I would like a girl to approach me, and to just be real about it.
Your first crush, what drew you to her?
I was new to the school and she was one of the first few people I was friends with and I thought she was cute. I didn’t ever go out with her; I was only in first grade.
Has there been a time when you were nervous on a date?
When I first received my license I took my girlfriend to the mall. I forgot how to get to the mall so we never made it. And on top of that I was so nervous, I couldn’t stop going to the bathroom.

We know you love to play sports. Is that primarily how you like to stay fit, or is there something else carving those ripples in your stomach?
I run track, but another way I like to stay fit is to do martial arts. While I’m at school my workout regimen is track practice three hours a day six days a week. Fitness is important to me because I need to remain fit for track.

What do you most get complimented on?
According to my friends it’s my mustache. I don’t have a problem with it, and it doesn’t do anything for my confidence.
Would you consider yourself to be romantic?
I can be at times. I told my girlfriend that I was out of town visiting family on her birthday and instead I showed up at her house with a box of chocolate, her favorite candy, and flowers with my friends to sing happy birthday to her.
How do you let a girl know you like her?
They way I’ll let a girl know I like her is to do random nice things for her and brings things to her that I know she likes. And then after a while I’ll tell her.

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