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Ladies, we know UGGs, specifically the classic style, have become probably the most popular winter boot of the decade. However, there are many misconceptions of the "warm weather" boot and we are here to clarify all of them. We also want to share some new things that you probably didn't know about the notorious footwear.

Fact #1 Yes, UGGs are comfortable, but they should not be worn all day every day

They do not include sufficient arch support for your feet and continuous wear may result in the lowering of your natural arch. This may be painful, especially when it’s time to put your 4-inch heels back on. One way to combat this is to put insoles in your UGGs.

Fact #2 You wear clothes under a sheepskin shearling, so don't skip the socks because of the UGG's sheepskin lining

Many believe you shouldn't wear socks with your UGGs because it may cause your feet to sweat. In fact, you should wear socks with the boots because if you sweat without them on fungus and athletes foot can occur. Without the barrier of the sock, these bacteria will get on the sheepskin and cause an unattractive odor in the boot and eventually on your feet. If you find yourself in a stinky foot bind, clean your feet with anti-bacterial soap or hand sanitizer gel.

Fact #3 UGGs are not rain boots

These boots are not made to get wet because they are not waterproof. In all actuality they shouldn't be worn in the snow either. When UGGs get soaked, they tend to have a sour odor that will eventually end up on your feet; this is probably because bacteria formed because the boot didn't dry correctly. The appearance of the boots can also be damaged when they get wet. Dry cleaners have introduced the UGG cleaning service due to the popularity of the boot. If water damage occurs, take them to the dry cleaners.

Fact #4 Buy your UGGs a size smaller!!

Have you ever noticed if you buy your UGGs your true size, they tend to stretch way too big and you feel like you’re flopping around in them? If you buy them one size smaller they will form perfectly to your feet; they are made to do that! So girls, if you’re a size 8 buy a 7 and if you’re an 8.5, still buy a 7; you’ll feel the difference, believe us!!!

In essence, the classic UGG boot was made to be a fashion boot. It can be worn in the cold weather but should not be your only winter boot because it is not made for bad weather conditions.

What other cold weather boots do you have in your closet to keep your toes from being little blocks of ice?

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