7 Things You Can’t Afford To Not Know

Health is a hard topic to understand. There are all kinds of misconceptions and misunderstandings that have us all stopping before we even start. Good thing we’ve gathered a list of seven things that will help and inspire you psychologically, physically and emotionally.

A Happy Heart Is A Beautiful Thing
Happiness is the ultimate beauty catalyst. If you want to look your most beautiful you've got to feel joy on the inside. It's when you glow and when your smile spreads on your face as easily as butter spreads on bread that you experience your beauty crescendo. The most promising way to be your happiest is to be your healthiest. When your heart's happy, everything's happy so take care of what's inside and it will most definitely show on the outside.

Time to Get Physical
The biggest misconception that most people around our age (18-24) has about fitness and exercise is that you only have to or should work out if you're a.) overweight or b.) trying to lose weight or c.) if you're an athlete. This can't be far from the truth. Everyone should engage in some kind of physical activity, whether it's challenging your heart rate, your stamina, your endurance, your muscle strength, or your psyche, daily. That doesn't mean that you have to go to the gym or run some miles everyday. Your physical activity can be as simple as taking the long way back to your dorm, dancing around in your room or a fun escapade under the sheets! Your heart, in case you forgot, is a muscle. And you have to challenge it and work it out in order for it to work at it's full potential.

You Have to Want It
Whether it's five, twenty, or two hundred plus pounds, if you want a change it's got to be a decision that you make from the bottom of your heart. If you're anywhere between overweight and morbidly obese, you've got to consciously say to yourself, "I love myself more than this. I deserve better." If you don't, the weight will never go away for good.

You’re More Than the Numbers
Whether you're ninety pounds or ninety pounds overweight, your weight, the numbers on the scale, they don't define you. Neither do the clothes you wear or anyone's opinion about you. You define you and you, only you, have the power to change that definition of yourself to whatever you want it to be.

A Little Sweat Never Hurt Nobody
Listen, ladies who think that sweating is not feminine and isn't attractive or ladylike, you've got it all wrong. Sweating is sexy! Don’t believe it, ask the Queen Beyoncé. Doing something for your health because you love yourself is a beautiful thing. Don't limit your potential because you're afraid of sweating. Just take a shower afterwards!

False evidence Appearing Real
It's the start that stops most people. Listen, I get it. It's hard to start and then commit to doing something that you've never tried before. It's hard to put yourself in a constant state of discomfort when the future isn't crystal. But hear this: once you start it's all downhill from there. The beginning is rough because you don't know what you're getting into, you don't know how much of a commitment it actually will be and most frightening, you don't know what kind of results you will get, if any. Well, a lot of these fears are tough to convince you that it's only False Evidence Appearing Real, but the last one I mentioned I can clear up right this moment. If you dedicate your time, heart and energy into becoming (more) fit and becoming (more) healthy you will get the results.

You always have thoughts of going to the gym and dedicating time from your busy schedule to working out, but she never actually makes it inside because you convince yourself that it will take "forever" for the pounds to shed, right? If you go in afraid that you won't see results you never will. Don't let the fear of not losing weight fast enough cripple you. Patience is key. Have some. It will bring you great things. And remember, you didn't pack on those extra 15 (+) pounds in one week (more like a semester or two) so give yourself that much time to see the difference.
If nothing else, remember this: exercise is medicine's worst enemy. Make it your best friend.