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University of Richmond Profile: Gabrielle Tapia ’17

   This week’s profile features Gabrielle Tapia. She’s known around these parts as Gabi or “Gab Tap”. She’s a double major in Film Studies and Religious Studies here at UR. She is a member of Pi Beta Phi, as well as the president of D Squad.

    D-Squad is one of the dance teams here on campus. It has historically drifted towards the style of hip hop, but Gabi has given the team more dimension this past semester by incorporating her ballet background, as well as other styles.

HC: Why did you become the president of D Squad?

GT: When I realized Melissa (the former president) was looking for a replacement, I wrestled with the possibility of becoming team captain because while I love the team and love to dance, I am can be very insecure about my choreography. Becoming captain has been a learning experience and a challenge but overall, I love being in charge of such a talented and diverse group of dancers who are just looking to have fun at the end of the day.

    Anyone who knows Gabi knows that she is fun to hang around, and much of that is credited to her spontaneity. Her and her best friend took a trip to Las Vegas over Fall Break to see the Chainsmokers, and it was “definitely a series of spontaneous decision making,” she said.

    Gabi and her best friend are also the proud owners of two White Tree Frogs named Chubs and Piggy. She said the frogs were their pride and joy.

    Over these past four years, Gabi has made many memories at UR, but these memories would not be the same without the people she created them with.

HC: What has been your most memorable moment at UR?

GT: I don’t know if I could pinpoint a moment that I could deem the MOST memorable. However, I will say that all of the friends and relationships that I’ve made here are what I find to be the most memorable part of my experience at Richmond.

    Along with the relationships she has gained here, the University of Richmond has helped Gabi to have some valuable insights into the world around her. “I suppose Richmond has provided me the tools and landscape to mature as an individual. There are a lot of trying moments in college, both intellectually and socially. Understanding that life is all about balance is the most important thing I’ll walk away with.”

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