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Student Profile: Lexi Fadel


   I sat down with Lexi Fadel, a current senior at the University of Richmond, to ask her a few questions about her past four years at Richmond, her plans for life after college and her a cappella group’s upcoming performance. Lexi is a double major in theater and biology, and is doing pre-physical therapy. She is the president of the co-ed a cappella group Chouer Du Roi, the music director of the current school musical Godspell and is a member of Pi Beta Phi fraternity for women, where she served as recruitment chair this past semester. After graduation, Lexi will be taking a gap year, and she plans to work as a physical therapy technician in order to finish her clinical hours. After this, she plans on applying to graduate school.

     I asked Lexi what she thinks is the biggest way that she has changed between freshman and senior year, and what piece of advice she would give to underclassmen. She told me that “I’m definitely a lot more independent and self-sufficient. I’m older, I’m more confident, I know what I want to do.” As for her advice to underclassmen, “Try everything. Because you might discover something you love that you wouldn’t have ever done otherwise.” 

    There is definitely a lot to love about this campus and this community. Reflecting back upon her four years at Richmond, Lexi easily told me that her favorite aspect of this community during her time here has been the amount that everyone cares about what they’re doing, and the support that they give to what everyone else is doing. However, upon trying to choose her favorite personal memory at Richmond, she had to think for a little bit. 

 “There’s just so many… can we come back to that one?” After having some time to think about it, she smiles and tells me, “Well I just had my four year roommate dinner and I though about the first day that I moved in with my roommate and we decided to decorate our room that first night with glow tape and we ran out of tape and the only thing we could end up writing was #yolo so that was in huge letters on the side of our room all of freshman year. We also broke a lamp and became best friends that first night.” Clearly, there are a lot of great memories connecting Lexi to Richmond, so I asked her if she cold do it all over again, would she change anything?

“I would go abroad,” she said. “There’s no better time to travel than when you’re young and don’t have a job and I’m afraid I missed out on that.”

    We then turned to the context in which I originally met Lexi: a cappella. On March 25th at 7:30 p.m., she will perform in her last King of Hearts Concert at Richmond. King of Hearts is Choeur Du Roi’s annual spring performance, held every year in the spring semester. Lexi tells me “We’re doing a little less top 40, a few throwbacks, and a lot of upbeat fun songs that everyone should be excited to hear! Our concerts are a lot of fun, and we would love to see everyone there.” The concert will take place in Camp Concert Hall in Booker and the group will be tabling in Commons the week leading up to the performance. Tickets will be $8 in advance and $10 at the door.

Sophomore at the University of Richmond just trying to make it count.
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